Poems for "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Mar 13, 2015

Long days of summer are where
memories are found.
New friends are made and
adventures are had.
Feeling afraid of things
we can’t understand.
But knowing at the end of
the day, a loving father will make
everything ok.

“Innocent Man”
What can be done to make
them understand?
I am not a monster, I am
a innocent man.
They cannot see what they
will not.
The love of my family
is all that I’ve got.
I pray my children will see the day,
when all this hatred has
gone away.

Come on men it’s time to go,
to find the criminal and make him pay.
He sits alone in is miserable cell,
he does not deserve one more day.
We are his jury and his judge,
tonights the night he goes away.
So grab your rope, this is our right.
We will not stop no matter what others say.

“Standing Ovation”
There are people in life who stand up for others.
Who do the right thing no matter the cost.
It is because of these people that we can have hope.
Even on the days that all seems lost.
Today was a day where one man stood tall.
He is a true hero to one and to all.

Sometimes a person is hard to understand,
and we judge them harshly for no reason at all.
If we are lucky we will be able to see,
the kind hearted soul hidden behind the wall.
It is this sort of person we need to protect.
So much like a mockingbird, bringing joy to us all.