Police Brutality

Jun 14, 2015

Another bullet is fired
another trigger is pulled
another blood puddle tired
another black stick is used

Its just as desired
tortured and beaten, but never be ruled
its justice required
I told you wounds deepen, don’t ever get fooled

Hiding behind their proper attire
handcuffs, badges, and tasers too
they should be locked up, behind barbed wires
not given their freedom, thinking its cool

It's just not fair
let's put our fists in the air
innocent lives lost, let's show them we care
just tell us the how, the when, and the where

You be pulling out your flashlights
trying to backstab
on these black lives
you’re pushing us, you don’t want a landslide

I’m losing hope for justice
it looks like it has rusted
so far I’m disgusted
this ain't gta, there’s people getting busted
law enforcement, I don’t trust it
we can’t just keep quite, we gotta discuss this

Law enforcement, let them eat dirt
they should leave earth
let's heal, start again and rebirth
Let our horses be versed
let our voices be heard

As we unite, we save tons, it takes time
we lend our shoulders, so they can lean on
I’m speaking on behalf of Mike Brown, and Trayvon
and all the innocent lives that were gone
right before the dawn, shot with cold blooded guns

Ferguson, we’re here
Baltimore, we’re here
let the real justice, echo through our ear
Let's all have some hope
cuz the truth, must be near