The Police - Do they help?

Oct 2, 2013
by: ggaines

1)My general topic is about the police and how the positively and negatively affect the society. I am interested In this topic because I want to know if the police really help out people. Another reason why I an interested in this topic is because I want to learn all I can about law enforcement.

2)I also want to know if their help is more positive than negative. I want to know is the crime rates rising or dropping. The reason why I am personally interested is because I want to be a police officer myself one day.

3)Some new information that I found out in the pre-research is that there are high paying areas for some police officers. Finding out this information made me more interested to keep researching this topic. I wanted to know which areas were more pay. And I also wanted to know which areas are lower paying. I am very curious to know how the police officers feel about this.

4)This topic is an issue of unfairness because certain police officers are not getting paid right. Some of the other police officers are being treated unfair. The citizens might be getting unfair treatment too because the have to pay taxes and some of that money goes to police officers.

5)People should care about this topic because they should know who the police are and what they do. Another reason why they should care is because they will know who to go to if they need help. They also need to know that not all police officers are paid right. They need to care about this topic because they are paying taxes to keep the police around. They also need to know how the police is effecting their society. This is why people should care about my senior research project.


The Police

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Submitted by wcisneros on Tue, 2013-10-08 15:02.

This post was very interesting and I'm interested in finding out more about the public opinion of your topic. I think the police is a necessary force to maintain order in our society, but sometimes I think some officers abuse their privileges. In Utah, where I live, I have seen police officers turn on their lights in order to speed through traffic or go excessively fast, but then when they get out of the traffic/slow zone they immediately turn off their lights and act as nothing was wrong. I think their effect can be very positive if their powers are used correctly.

Hey, It seems you are very

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It seems you are very interested in this topic of police officers and how they are generally paid. What made you want to research this topic? Do you think when you become a police officer you would get paid equally, the same, or lower? When you say effect society, what in society would they exactly be effecting.

From police officers i know in different city's , they are paid a different amount because of which community they are in and the amount of danger in that area. Also i was thinking this is also a great topic because when you mention effect society I think your saying what are each police officers attitude towards the citizens and/or the community they patrol. This is a great topic since you are interested in being a police officer.

Other than that i do believe you have a very interesting topic.

Dear ggaines, It seems that

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Dear ggaines,
It seems that you are very interested in studying about whether the police have a more negative or positive effect on society . It also seems that you are interested in the pay that police officers get depending on what area they work in. What interested me as the reader of your topic was the fact that police officers in certain areas get paid more than police officers in other areas. In a way, this makes sense because police officers that operate in a more dangerous area should get paid a little more since they are risking their life more. At the same time this is an issue of unfairness since other please offices will not try as hard because they are not getting the same pay. A Question that was not answer from your post was specifically, what area will you focusing on? What I mean by that is you should put if you are focusing on Oakland police officers or officers in general? Another question that arose while reading your post was how much of the people's taxes go to police officers pay? You could also speak about how the homicide rate compare in previous years and use specific numbers from your research. I completely agree with your statement that people should care about this topic because not all police officers are paid right and because a lot of citizens in Oakland complain about the lack of discipline police officers put towards their job but what people don't think about is that is police officers are not going to risk their life for little pay. Overall, your topic seems good but you could focus on how their work reflects to their wage and how that affects the people. But overall I like it since its a very controversial topic and would like some answers.

The Effects of Law Enforcement

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How police effect society, positively or negatively, can be very interesting due to its opinion-based nature. Your research will most likely be a collection of societal views on police, thus it could be intriguing to look into the possible biases out there for people to base their views upon. You seemed to focus your primary research on the pay for policemen (which, considering your interest in law enforcement as a career, makes sense) however I'd like to see more about the initial question you pose: do police positively or negatively effect society?

Great Research Topic! (And some feedback)

Submitted by Carrie Deahl on Thu, 2013-11-21 17:59.

Dear GGaines,

I am elated
about your research topic and why you care so deeply about this topic. I teach
at Maryvale High School and a lot of our students (and people in the community)
are afraid to report crime for fear of being "snitches". We also have
a high undocumented population, so many people are afraid to report crime for
fear of being deported. 

One sentence you
wrote that stands out for me is: 2) I also want to know if their help is more
positive than negative. I think this is a common question that people who live
in neighborhoods with a lot of crime probably ask themselves. What are these
conversations like in your neighborhood? How do people view the police and
their positive or negative influence(s) on your community and/or the community
near your school?

sentence that I liked is: This topic is an issue of unfairness because certain
police officers are not getting paid right. This stood out to me because tax
dollar distribution is very different in the U.S. versus other countries. Why
do cetain communities have more funding for police officers while others do

You post
reminds me of a recent conversation my students and I had after a guest speaker
came to speak to us about the lack of crime reporting in the Maryvale
neighborhood. Our speaker told us about a non-profit organization entitle The
Center for Better Neighborhoods (CBN), which is a national non-profit
organization that helps people improve their neighborhoods by
"policing" them when the police aren't available. I wonder if your
community has a CBN initiative and whether or not the police are receptive to
it. Do people report crime in your neighborhood? Or, are they reluctant for
fear of being "snitches"?

Thank you for
your research questions. I think you've chosen a unique topic that will bring
more awareness to this issue. I look forward to seeing what you write next,
because I think my students will be interested in what you have to say, and I
think your peers (and adults) in your community will find value in your work.
What will bring me back to your work are statistics, numbers and testimonials
from people in your community. I look forward to reading your findings.

Best of luck,

"Real" Deahl ;)



Possible Resources that Come to Mind

Submitted by Mr. Zakharia on Sat, 2014-02-08 22:52.

1. Check out this song, you may have heard it, and the opening speech by Chairman Omali Yeshitela, who describes the role of police on a wide, societal scope in the nature of analysis:

[Chairman Omali Yeshitela]
You have the emergence in human society
of this thing that's called the State
What is the State? The State is this organized bureaucracy
It is the po-lice department. It is the Army, the Navy
It is the prison system, the courts, and what have you

This is the State -- it is a repressive organization
But the state -- and gee, well, you know,
you've got to have the police, cause..
if there were no police, look at what you'd be doing to yourselves!
You'd be killing each other if there were no police!
But the reality is..
the police become necessary in human society
only at that junction in human society
where it is split between those who have and those who ain't got

2. This cat, David Harvey, read Das Capital by Karl Marx and did an insanely thorough analysis of it. For the purposes of your assignment, I think you should watch up til the point where Harvey discusses the difference between "Dialectical and Aristotelian Contradictions" and see maybe how you could use that framework to analyze your question:

Good luck


Mr. Z