Politic Review on Black Lives Matter

Mar 13, 2016
Trump flipping off.

Hello everyone this is The Movie Destroyer.

Oh yeah, we do politics also. My mom actually said that I should be a politician and somehow it could be right.
I hate politics.

A reminder:
This article DEFINITELY has some PERSONAL political views.
A reminder to little suckers:
I told you that this contains PERSONAL political views! If you don’t agree, get away. If you don’t want to, don’t flip off with me. If you want to flip off, flip off to yourself; if you want to flip off to me, I’ll answer you with what Wolverine said to Charles and Eric in the X-Men franchise. Understand? Everyone should know that sentence.

Most time I don’t like Trumpets--that’s how I call Trump’s supporters. By the way, I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter. If in all, I’m a Dem, and if in Rep, I’m a Left Wing Liberal. But last time when I talked to one, I did realize something in common. This was the original conversation:
Me: Who do you support?
Arv: Trump.
Me: Trump is racism.
Arv: He’s not!
Me: He want to build a wall. And he hates Muslims.
Arv: There’s no such a saying.
Arv: Y. E. S.
Me: You’d be brainwashed by Trump.
Arv: He’s for the good of American people.
Me: How so?
Arv: You know that US population is made up by too much foreigners…
Me: So you hate them? I’m one. (Come and bite me?)
Arv: I mean illegal immigrants like those from Mexico.
Me: …….You Trump supporters are weird. How do you view Black Lives Matters?
That’s how the most important thing started.
Arv: What did Irish and German person do when they first came America?
Me: Idk.
Arv: They worked in coal mines. How about Chineses?
Me: Help America in growing industries? Factory workers?
Arv: Wrong. Transcontinental Railroad.
Me: So what’s the point?
Arv: We were all slaves when we first came to US. Black Lives Matter is just a meaningless movement started by some pitiful people who want pity from others.

I don’t really like what he said, but I don’t deny that I agree somehow. If you’re flipping off right now, I suggest:
1. Go away and find some other people who also thinks this article sucks.
2. Read till the end. Be peaceful or follow rule number 1.

I supports equality among races, because I’m not white. Apparently.
I was watching Oscar live that night. People blame Oscar by never give a gold man to blacks and the news was, the black nominees GIVE UP THE CHANCE to ENTER the Oscar.
Whose fault is this? Oscar? Sorry, guys. It’s not.
Someone in Facebook company crossed off the “black” of their company’s board’s “Black Lives Matters” and put “all” instead, and he was either blamed or fired.
Doesn’t all lives matters? Will you finally realize this when someone’s trying to kill you with a gun and destroy every evidence?
Matter of life isn’t a privilege.

It’s weird but I want to use dogs as an example. Compare human with dogs is sometimes (most time to little suckers) insulting, because of the “female dog” word. But I DON’T CARE because this is the best example I can get. Cats are the same. Horses? Ahhh, whatever you want.
Dogs have 339 different variety of species.
Each branch has a different characteristic:
Fur color, fur length, straight hair or curly hair, pointy hair, folded hair, long tail, short tail, no tail.
I do speak dog and I understand what they’re talking about. Sometimes.
When two dogs meet, they won’t greet each other like “Your fur is white!” Or “Your fur is black!” Do they? Except some abnormal unfriendly ones they greet as “Hi!”
Why do they do this?
Because they’re all dogs, a same species. They don’t judge other with colors. If you ask me about cats, why dogs hates cats? Species discrimination? And I’ll suggest you to learn some biology and you’ll know that it’s some ancient stuffs in the blah blah blah era. And who told you that dogs hate cats? I saw thousand of posts of dogs and cats together. The best one was “As I went back home I saw my friend’s dog protects my cat from lightning and thunder.”
If dogs could do this, why can’t we?

Human add tags to each noun:
Black means bad, white means good.
Dawn as reborn, night as death.
Sunny is a good mood, raining is the foreshadowing of some catastrophe.
Pretty face means kind, a twisty nose or s scar represents evil.
Wolf as cruel, deer as gentil.
It’s weird that we see things in this way. Nature doesn’t.
If you count there’s more deer attack than wolf attack each year.
Old Chinese proverb: “Knife under a smiling face.”

And we add tags to different people.
We have “whites”, “blacks”, “Asians”, “Native Americans” and so on.
Just as I said, I don’t belong to this country, nor the most race here. Ironically, I totally know the feeling of “discrimination” as I saw this free country’s school voting questions has “What is your race?”. I do prefer not to answer. I haven’t seen that much people who prefer to. And the worst part is that these vote question sheets are NOT anonymous at all.
We’re trying to blame some groups for “discrimination” and/or “prejudice”, but this is NOT voluntarily: It has been rooted inside most of us, by the tags.
And what is more ironically is, we tag ourselves, with race and color, and others read what’s written on the tag, because that’s how you call yourself. And the person with the tag he gave himself thought, “Shoot, this people is racism.” But he never thinks about WHO gives him this tag.
And we like to pretend. To pretend that we’re not racist at all. If you know about the Wisconsin university poster in 2001, that one which photoshopped a black student’s face among a bunch of white students, with a crappy photoshopping which is even worse than mine and put him in a strange angle that the light didn’t even match just to show the “diversity” in their school.
If your school has enough diversity, why would you pretend to do that? That crappy photoshop will totally ruin your figure from anyone. We try to make ourselves like we don’t have any discrimination, to make ourselves angles, yet we become devil instead.

Black lives matter, white lives matter, Asian lives matter, cop lives matter. We are all human, we belong to the same planet which we live on and shared for billion of years.

Hate writing about this, even I have experiences to handle little suckers that attack on my personal viewpoints, but this isn’t really a good topic to argue about, especially for Movie Destroyer which we always spoil movies. Actually I was planning to do Zootopia today but the people live upstairs is insane. Fu*k them. They’re singing loud as hell and disgusting. They just ruined my favorite song. Cops have no use to them. Talking is useless. So I changed my mind and decided to write something political to let out my anger. I’m furious now so don’t flip off this article.
Every single life matters.
Get rid of the tags.
No matter of race, colors, skins.
We’re all the same inside.
All lives matter.


Dear Moira/Movie destroyer

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Submitted by gvillanueva on Fri, 2016-04-08 09:25.

I am interested with your post, “Politic review on black lives matter ,” Because your a great writer, I am looking forward for your next article.
One sentence you wrote that I agreed with was “will you finally realize this when someone is trying to kill you and destroy every evidence? Matter of life isn’t a privilege.”I agree with this sentence because as you said matter of life isn’t a privilege were all people and in a molecular level were all the same person just with small differences.
Another thing that caught my interest was “were trying to blame some other groups for discrimination or prejudice, but this is not voluntary” I found this interesting because this is very common nowadays with discrimination against muslims thinking there islamic extremist.
Thanks for your writing.I am looking forward for your next pieces of writing, because you make reading your articles fun.

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Thanks for the support of my articles. I'll keep posting on YouthVoices even I'm getting out of this class. The channel contains both movie spoilers and sometimes, political posts, and I will always appreciate the supports on my articles.
Oh, I love Attack on Titan very much. Haven't watch too much of those but I'm interested in it.