Political Ad 2010

Nov 8, 2010

Obviously, this picture isn't a real political ad. But I found it quite amusing, so i'll blog about it anyway. Funny how much you can find on the internet...

So, in this picture, Obama is depicted as a Jedi, more particularily Mace Windu (due to the unique purple color of the lightsaber). Windu was regarded as one of the top leaders on the Jedi Council, as many of you Star Wars fans will recall. The designer of this ad clearly wanted to reach out to the younger population with something we could all understand--a heavy connotatioin to Star Wars. If I'm not mistaken, the text on bottom of the ad also relates to a movie in the Star Wars series of the same title.

In our AP English class, we were instructed to "unspin" the ad, revealing what it's truly trying to say about its candidate or claims its candidate makes. In this ad, it's very clear. Obama's offering us "a new hope" against the "dark side of the Force"--the national debt, the war on Iraq, and the ignorance of our need to reform healthcare. It's halfway through Mr. President's term, and I'll admit I'm severely disappointed with how quickly he broke some of his promises. "A New Hope" is hardly the term to describe what Obama brought to the public. The slogan obscures what's really been going on--the unhealthy growth of the federal government (and did I mention the useless "stimulus" packages that are rapidly ruining our economy?) and a plan for a heavily socialistic influenced healthcare plan.  And maybe the slogan's right. After the midterm elections, I have new hope that the people of the United States of America are really starting to realize what a disappointing four years Obama's term will be. Mr. President, you can keep your change, because we don't want it.