.portrait photography.

Dec 9, 2010
by: Zoe27
Career goals

this is a portait powerpoint i made about what makes a good portrait. i learned that to take a good portrait you need to make it something unusual, and you need to make your photographs interesting to look at.


 I find that slide 2 is

Submitted by BokyB on Thu, 2010-12-09 14:58.

 I find that slide 2 is very important because in my opinion, an angle is the most critical aspect to focus on.  No matter how interesting a picture is, it can really lack a spark in the viewers eye if the angle is just neutral.  As for slide 4, I think a mystery feeling in a photo will allow the viewer to create their own conclusions about the photograph.  I tend to personally love this, as I usually can connect the photo to myself or experience.

Well done!