Poverty in New York City

Jan 11, 2013
by: Anahif
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The poverty level in New York City is really important and is getting worse. most people don't care about the poverty level but it is really important because it affects our city and the people that live in it. There are also some ways we can we help the poverty from getting higher and higher. Right now the city of New York's poverty level is 21 percent. Many people are in poverty for many reasons, one reason is there is a lot of people who do not have a lot of jobs. This is why the poverty rate is increasing so much in New York City over time.

There are many reasons why the poverty rate is important. one reason why the poverty rate is important is because it tells us how many people live in poverty. The poverty rate can also tell us if the poverty level has increased over time or if the poverty level had decreased. The poverty level can also be useful and important when comparing other levels . For example the poverty rate can be compared with the unemployment rate by seeing if there is any connection. This is why the poverty rate is really important.

One of the reasons why there is poverty in New York City is because many people don't have jobs to work in. If people don't get jobs to work in there is no way they can get money. Since the person that has no job and no money there is no way they can pay for food or their homes. That can lead to homelessness and poverty. The people that mostly live in poverty in our state New York is mainly women, children, seniors. The poverty level of New York City has increased. In the year 2000 the percentage of the poverty rate was 11.3 percent. It was the lowest rate since the year 1991. Then in 2009 it rose a lot since the year 2000. The percentage was 14.3 percent and our percentage is 21 percent, a huge increase. There are multiple reasons why there is poverty in New York and one of them is the unemployment rate.

There are many ways we can decrease our poverty rate. One way how we can stop poverty in our city is to donate clothing to other people. By donating our clothing that we don't need we are helping other people get clothing and so we can recycle our clothing. Another way that we can help decrease the poverty rate is volunteer to help in soup kitchens and other organizations that help people in poverty. Also by donating money and food cans so that other people can live better. By also spreading the word about ways to help decrease poverty will make people help out.

In conclusion the poverty level is really important in many ways, it is used to compare and see the difference. There a lot of causes of poverty in New York City . One of those cause is the rate of unemployment. There are also many ways of how to decrease the poverty rate. Whether it is donating clothing and food, or just spreading the word out to help people in poverty.


Poverty in NYC

Grace Raffaele's picture
Submitted by Grace Raffaele on Wed, 2013-02-20 19:23.

Hi Anahi!

I work with teachers in a school in Flushing Queens to help them create interesting projects that involve reading and writing - like Youth Voices!
I found your post about poverty to be very interesting to read and it made me think about a few things that I want to write about to you.

First, I was surprised when you mentioned that the poverty level in NYC is 21%. OMG! That is high! I think people outside of New York do not think of our city as having such a high level of poverty - or any poverty at all. They think we are all about designer stores and Broadway shows and expensive apartments. I guess that is good for business and tourism for the city, but that is not good for getting help for the people who need it.

Next, I am so glad your solutions are so reasonable. Many times people say that the solution is to just give more jobs, but that is not realistic. I think large numbers of people helping in small ways as you suggest is a very smart solution. Do you know about an organization called NY Cares? Every winter, before Christmas, they run a campaign to collect coats for the needy. I have been donating every year! I have also started to use Thanksgiving Day as my day to "give back" in some way. This past year I went to Coney Island to help get food to people who lost their homes in hurricane Sandy. One coat. One day. I feel like they can make a difference!

Finally, I think when you say "just spread the word" you are making an important statement. And you have done some of that by posting this interesting information on Youth Voices. Now people around the country who read this will have a better understand of the "other side" of New York. And maybe they will find a way to help.

Thank you!


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Submitted by morellana on Mon, 2013-07-22 12:48.

Dear Anah, I can familiarized with your choice of topic. Poverty a real truth that many try to forget, a dark reality that affects every country in the world. And one of your points in this article was unemployment as the main cause. I think its really obvious, and its very easy to point at assumptions. But to seek the real cause of the problem is a lot harder. So poverty in the United States and in other parts of the world is more than unemployment, from economic systems, to human rights. So to start with the United States, here our economic system is Capitalism. Which simply mean that in order for there to be jobs there have to be a high class, middle, class, and the lower class. The lower class percentage has to be kept up because then the business will have a larger amount of people to work. So the middle class the ones running the machines can keep showing up to their jobs, while the rich benefit. Not forgetting that in the United States more than 1% of the population controls 90% of the nations wealth.
So thanks for writing.
I look forward to seeing what you write next. Something with more sources and research perhaps, something from a realistic prospective.