The Power of Forgiveness

Mar 18, 2012
by: ostart

In one of my classes this week, we had a guest speaker. This man wasn't much older than us in the classroom, he was about 24. Unfortunately a tragic event he was involved in led to him to sharing his story with us. He was guilty of killing a man in a drunk driving accident. He talked about the message and lessons we should learn from his mistake, don't drink and drive, don't text and drive. It just isn't worth it.

There was a bigger lesson he shared with us that day, one of forgiveness. Although he killed an elderly man, the man's wife had forgiven him. They wrote letters while he was in jail. Even though he doesn't go out of his way to talk to her, remind her that he killed her husband, if she contacts him, the man responds.

This was such a powerful story because through all this tragedy, there was forgiveness. A story was written about this and can be found in the Deseret News:

The opening and ending lines were what touched me most, "It began with alcohol, a crash and a funeral; it ended with a hug, forgiveness and a gift." and "Forgiveness — maybe it will catch on"