Power of Love

Mar 16, 2015
by: mejj26

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There are many things in our world that leave us humans pondering if we personally agree with the idea or not. It seems fair that certain topics are going to bring up more belief or disbelief than others. In my mindset, I believe in the power of love and how hugely affected our population is by love.

Love is subject to actors in movies, to singers in the music world, to pets and their owners, to us as individuals. Humans thrive off the feeling that love gives and makes them feel. I know it comes in all forms, good, bad and even ugly, however no matter the form it is my belief that we can all learn from it. Life is going to throw some crazy, unusual and maybe even unsuspected situations at you, but that doesn’t mean you should give up love. I have one personal story I feel exudes true aspects of love.

When I was about three years old and finally started understanding and remembering events in life, my parents brought home the most adorable, fluffy, and energetic Golden Retriever. Jake was simple and seemed to fit the personality already of our new furry creature. It was the most amazing thing to watch this new form of life grow from a tiny, roly poly to a strong alpha male. We soon learned that he absolutely loved food and could scarf it down in about two minutes. Jake also loved his people, especially us, his family. He would always run to the door to greet you when you would get home from an errand, he would sit at your side at the dinner table and wait for leftovers, he would put his paw on your lap repeatedly if he felt you didn’t pet him long enough, he would get in spazzed out moods taking laps around the family room then flipping around the floor itching himself.

My favorite thing about Jake was his ability to tell exactly how you were feeling. If you were happy, he was, but the instant you seemed upset or when you didn’t feel good, he knew right away. It was so nice to have a being to count on to cheer you up and to fulfill every mood you were in with. Unfortunately, when Jake was about nine years old he had fallen extremely ill. My family took him to the doctor and discovered he had a baseball sized tumor that was cancerous. Four months later in February of 2009 Jake passed away. Nothing hit my family harder than being in a back room of a vet clinic saying our last goodbyes to the animal that gave our family the real idea of what love was.
I learned so much from having Jake as a pet. I learned to have a positive outlook on life, support others, be happy and never leave food where a furry friend can find it!

And this I believe: it doesn’t matter what object, person, animal, whomever gives you some idea of what love in your life can look like, it is the amount of love you receive and gain from that being that makes you grow as a person and learn to love in new ways yourself.


Think deeper

Submitted by Qfrazier on Mon, 2015-03-30 11:58.

Everyone has different events in life that cause them to change their mind on love. For example, what do you say to people that have been abuse? How can they trust someone else without a thought in the back of their head that the person will not harm them? Do some research in psychology in the love department. Maybe they can help explain what I am trying to say. Just get some facts inside people minds. What do they say is the right way to trust people.

Your Idea of Love

Submitted by Angelica Rodriguez on Mon, 2015-03-30 13:31.

I like where you went with this; I have a very similar story to yours but mine just happened more recently. I do like your positivity towards the whole thing, you found the good in the situation. One way you could go with this is, what are the negative effects of loving something so much? Did you go through a phase afterwards that made you act out? 

Love though, it's different for everyone, they have a different aspect about it depending on how they live there lives. You should ask people what their idea of love is and what in their lives influenced them to that conclusion. 

Your Idea of Love

Submitted by angelicarodriguez on Mon, 2015-03-30 13:49.

I like your idea of love, it's similar, but also different from mines. I too have a similar story to yours with my animals, I have had a couple in my 18 years of living where my dogs have passed away. One thing you could talk or add, is if it affected you in a negative way after you lost your dog. Did that event make you want to rebel?

Love is a very complex thing to bring up, everyone has a different definition of what love is or what it means to them. You could also go around and ask people what their idea of love is and what in their life got them to that conclusion.

While reading your piece I

sagev24's picture
Submitted by sagev24 on Mon, 2015-03-30 18:31.

While reading your piece I started to tear up, which I would like to commend you on. Great writing brings out feelings in the reader, so you did a fantastic job. I had a golden retriever as well and when he passed away it was tough on my family too, so I can definitely relate. Also, I thought your topic of love was very interesting. Everyone in the world is different including; what we look like, where we are from, our ages, etc... However, love is something we all feel and all have/had in our lives. I think love is one of the few things that keep humans connected.

I agree

Submitted by nkuswane on Wed, 2015-04-01 11:12.

Love is very important in our lives, whether it be from Family, friends or your Wife/Husband. With love we can show people how much we care or like someone.

i like your idea about love

Submitted by kdelacruz on Wed, 2015-04-01 11:15.

i like your idea about love because everyone has that one person that loves them is either their parents or their lovers.However,love is important for most of the people because without love you will feel lonely but i like your story.

Great Post

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Submitted by 18tanbirs on Wed, 2015-04-01 12:50.

I really enjoyed reading your post. I'm sorry for your loss. Love can be a burden sometimes. You will feel sad or angry when something happens to your love. They have so much power over you because they can do so many things that can ruin you. It is a risk to love someone because they can do this to you. But if you love responsibly, you can grow into a great person with your love, like you said.

Very Moving Post!

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Submitted by 18keegane on Wed, 2015-04-01 12:53.

I really likes your ideas and sotry about love. I'm very sorry about your dog, but I am really happy that you got such deep and strong insights while having him. I too believe that love and the support of things that you do love can help you get through life. I would recommend that you explore the idea of having to endure not being loved, such as a broken family situation or anything else. This way it can further strengthen and establish your ideas on exactly what it is to be loved. I really like when you say "And this I believe: it doesn’t matter what object, person, animal, whomever gives you some idea of what love in your life can look like, it is the amount of love you receive and gain from that being that makes you grow as a person and learn to love in new ways yourself" because I agree with it greatly. Good luck finding love in the present and future and further strengthening your ideas