The power of sharing student work

Jan 22, 2015

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Toward the end of last night's Teachers Teaching Teachers (Listen to 1:07:04 to 1:15:27), we talked a bit about sharing student work in a public forum like Youth Voices and about some of the concerns that can arise.

This brought to my mind some of the extraordinary work that Ron Berger of Expeditionary Learning has done around the topic of sharing and critiquing student work.

If you haven't seen the video "Austin's Butterfly" (6 min.), watch it and consider sharing it with others.

Here are some additional resources from Ron you might also enjoy: “Crafting Beautiful Work” and “Highlighting Student Work."

Like many others, to me, sharing student work and offering peer critique is not necessarily about getting the "best" work out there. It's more about getting anything meaningful out there and then engaging in a process to reflect on and iterate our work.