Practice Safe Sex or Expect a Kid Next

May 14, 2013
by: silami

I chose sex education in school. I chose this topic because it is a very interesting topic to me. Sex education have ties to psychology and religious beliefs. Before starting this research, I knew that most parents do not allow their children to receive sex education in their schools. They feel as if their child was exposed to that type of information, the child will be tempted to try intercourse before marriage. I also knew that in the United States of America, Blacks and Latinos are usually the ones who are infected with HIV and AIDS. Sex education in schools can have positive and negative effects to them.

Since my topic is a debatable and a controversial discussion, I have found many sources. It is easy to find and interpret the sources I have found. I have found sources that agree with sex education and I have found sources that counter it. I started with New York City Will Mandate Sex Education by Fernanda Santos ( ). In her article she explains how the New Mandate is really targeted for Blacks and Latinos since they make up the most percentage of teen pregnancy. Bloomberg started this Mandate hopefully to better educate Blacks and Latinos. Safe sex is encouraged but not having sex at all is best, according to this Mandate.

I learned that the Catholic Church do not allow their students to learn about such. They feel as if religious beliefs and other ideas taught in schools such as sex ed, should not be mixed with one another. Instead of staying in school, students in Brooklyn have to travel to another location to get the education. Some parents are upset because sex is inevitable according to Steve Siebold. He believes that since it cannot be prevented, why not try to make them practice intercourse safely? The Catholic Church disagrees. Students are also tired of the transition.

I would want to say that sex education NEEDS to be incorporated in the curriculum. Students need to be more aware of the sexual diseases and infections they can contract if they were to practice unprotected sex. My thesis would go for the teachings of sex education in classes. I will state statistics and other logics that I have found in my research. I will also annotate them and say my opinion about them, respectively. There is a lot of controversy about this topic so I would be sure to write the opinions of parents and principals. I will also be sure to address issues of concerns and doubts from psychologists and experts.


Interesting Post

Submitted by Lucas B on Sun, 2013-06-09 20:26.

I was intrigued by this post. I haven't really thought about how controversial the idea of teaching sex education is in schools. I agree that it is a smart idea to teach students about safe intercourse, because you can't really stop people from having sex- so teaching them the safest way is the smartest, best thing that a school can do.
My friend is Egyptian and because of his religion he can't have sex until after marriage, but I didn't know that the Catholic Church doesn't even want their kids to learn about sex education.
I was interested by the points you brought up and by the quotes that you used.