Prank Calling

Mar 17, 2015
by: kwilliams

Friday in December I went to my friends gym period and my cousin said she had to talk to me. She told me that Trina was prank calling saying stuff about everybody. So I went to class and nicely asked Trina if she was prank calling my friend Sade’ phone. She replied with a attitude so i left it as that.

A few class periods later one of Trina’s friends asked me “why was we all picking on Trina. ” I responded “NOBODY PICKING ON HER NOBODIES WORRIED ABOUT HER HONESTLY”.Triana walk inside the class and said “why you start talking when I leave then we started arguing and Alexis,Tyliyah and Sade walked in the class and was asking Trina questions. Trana was lyin up as storm she was saying that a boy from the basement of our school was calling Sade’. We went when it was time to go home we asked the boy and he was scared and loss so we just went home.

I was laying down on my bed and i wrote Trina saying “your fake you're suppose to be my friend and you're not telling me whos talking about me”. She responded saying hurtful words calling me names saying she not scared of me and she has people so i wrote her and said i’m going to have girls waiting after school and she took it as i was going to jump her.

The following Monday Trina told the teachers what I said to her Friday and what the other girls was saying. Later on we had a meeting and i explained to the teachers and herself that I meant my cousins was coming just to see if someone jumps me and that she misunderstood me.

“When you say something to someone make sure you are being specific cause it can mean one thing to you and another thing to somebody else”.


i agree

Submitted by oamador on Thu, 2015-03-19 12:56.

Dear Keyia,
I really liked the meaning of your post “Prank calling”, because it showed how fights just because of a call can happen even with your best friend. And at that time you realize who your true friends are. I worry about these things a lot but sometimes these situations help and if my friends are lying to make them look good and call and say lies they are not true.
One issue that stood out for me is when you said " You are fake and were not telling me what people said about me,"because it shows that your true friends can keep secrets from you that you really need to know.
Another sentence that stood out was "I went to my friends gym period and my cousin said she had to talk to me," because you are saying you went to your FRIEND’S gym period and then you talked to your cousin.
I like this because I know someone who has been in this type of situation and so have I so this really relates to things that have happened to me before.
Thank you for writing this. It was very interesting and reminded me of how big fights can happen with just simple words.

Olivia Amador