Pray for Paris

Dec 17, 2015
by: swilliams

It's a time to pray for the loved ones who passed away in the horrible attack that never shouldnt had happened. The day of a tragic lost came in Paris, France on Friday, November 13th, 2015. Many people died because of the terrorist attacks by the gunmen and suicide bombers hit a concert hall, a major stadium, restaurants and bars. Shootings and bomb blasts left 130 people dead and hundreds wounded, with more than 100 in a critical condition. The Islamic State (ISIS) militant group was behind all of the multiple terrorist attacks that happened in Paris. ISIS is a jihadist group, widely regarded as a terrorist organization. Its main goal is to establish self-proclaimed caliphate and claims religious authority over all Muslims across the world and aspires to bring much of the Muslim-inhabited regions around the world under its direct political control. Do you believed that Muslims should really react like that on their behalf? I would believed kind Muslims will care and respect one another like they would want to do for others. However, that carries a negative impact on the terrorist group ISIS to represent themselves as one.

One thing ISIS is indeed responsible, it shows it wants to strike its enemies everywhere. It seemed that the terrorist group did not cared who and where and what's going on their focus was to get the Americans attention about what's going in Syria and Iraq. ISIS captured the world’s attention when it surged across Iraq from Syria in 2014, capturing large parts of the country. The Paris attack was a painful but logical to take its next step up. Paris is hated country because it's connected to the United States where most hatred comes from in other countries.
Although, France is a very aggressive actor in this role play in the Middle east leading from the bombing from the ISIS had invested its own worth. But…. mhm Will you think the United States will be attacked? I always thought about that question ever since the attack in Paris. Due to the few attacks since 9/11 that had happened at the Twins Towers in New York City. The massive investments were the Islamic States that had been declared. Caution has been in order.
Always keep your head up high and stay strong for the tragedy that had peened in Paris France. Love, Peace, and Happiness.


I like your piece. I agreed

Submitted by cniegos on Sat, 2016-01-09 01:34.

I like your piece. I agreed that Isis militant group is way serious and should be stop. They can't force and convert people to be Muslims just because that's what they wanted. The religion Muslims is a religion that are caring and loving for their own people and respect other religion. Isis group are fundamentalist that terrorizing people and it's unforgiven for what they did. Great job on your piece.

I am not super worried about

Submitted by kruss on Tue, 2016-01-19 07:08.

I am not super worried about getting hit with an attack. we are a major power in the word and that comes with downfalls. Being targeted by terrorists is definitely one of them. But because we do have such a presence in the world and have a huge military, it would be kind of dumb to attack us like 911.