Preparing For the Day (Print 8)

Submitted by Carolyn12 on Sun, 2010-01-10 01:36

 In this photo I am portraying the leisure and the calmness that the subject gives off. I would like the viewer to understand that this person cares about what they look like, and I set up the picture so that the subject is not looking directly at the camera but at another object that you cannot see. In my picture there was balance because there wasn't all that much around her. I also had viewspace so that you could tell she was looking at something other than directly at the camera. There weren't many challenges in the printing process because it was pretty straight forward, although I did have to use a 5 filter. My favorite part about this picture is how in a way it looks candid because I think it would've had a different effect if the subject had been looking straight at the camera.