A pretty funny story

Mar 6, 2012
by: krystalm

Hey just a little something about what happened to me last week and how I reacted pretty funny story but very serious =]. When I got off work, I hung out with a few friends and co-workers. We enjoyed ourself before our night was over till the next day and came back to work. As our fun ended I had a friend whose car broke down right when she decided to leave. She couldn't do anything that night so she had to leave her car there for the night.

Now we all have to get home on the train or bus. So three out of six of us separated to the train and the other three went on the bus. Now we on the train laughing about how the car broke down out of nowhere and now we on the train. So here comes a stop where this old white man got on the train sat next to my friend and started talking to her about politics. She said no thank you to talk back and turned her back. He decided to sit on the other side of her and still talk to her she said again nicely, "I'm ok, don't want to talk to you." He continued to speak so I stepped in and said listen she doesn't want to speak to you may you leave her alone, that brother said no who are you she has a mouth.

I jumped up and said, "Brother if you wasn't old I would have smacked the you know what out of you."

He got up and got off the train the following stop. The ony reason I said anything to the man was because I know my friend she gets scared easily meaning she just thought he was trying to get at her (which he seemed like he was.) So Finally my two friends get off the train together and say their good nights to me as they walk off the train. So it's now 10 minutes to 3 a.m and I have 2 more stops to go. Now here comes my stop I stand up getting ready to get off and there I see the old man again. He looks at me , I look at him and I laugh.

As I'm walking down the block I feel him walking behind me, I figured maybe he lives around here, maybe he just got off the train to swhich carts because we did not want to speak to him. But he starting to make the same turns and crossing the same streets that I am,

so I stop and say "are you following me?" and he says "No, I live this way to" I say "alright because if you're following me I will kill you"

lol and he just put his head down. No here comes my block and I heading to my building and I feel him walking faster, so I stop turn and grab him by his neck and coat , his hat falls off and his eyes open widely. I say

"listen I know for a fact you do not live around me I have never seen you before and if you was trying to follow me I will hurt you"

I gave you a chance already, he looks scared and just look like he wanted me to let him go so I do so and turn around and keep it moving , he try to grab me , I turned around soooo fast nd threw him down to the floor and put my foot on his neck. The cops just so happens to be passing by and stops, they said to him

"are you ok"

im like What?! "the question is "AM I OK ? "

so they took him and told me he was known as a pedophile in the area already shaking my damn head!. well good thing I almost beat him up and got him away from the area for good :] . Be very cautious of who you talk to and your surroundings.