The Price For a Snitch

Mar 18, 2016
by: kruss

This week poses an interesting question; how much for you to snitch? I have asked three of my peers what they’re cost for snitching is. Their answers are as follows.

Brayan is a friend of mine and actually had a bit of difficulty in answering my question. It is a bit vague so I gave him a situation. You and your sibling get caught for a crime and if you tell the police it was all them and not you, you’ll will get something in return. What would they have to give you for you to snitch on your best friend? Brayan: “They couldn’t give me anything. I would rather go to jail with my sister.”

Now we move on to Daniel, I asked him the same question about his brother. He said absolutely nothing. He wouldn’t need anything to sell out his brother. He would do it without any reward.

The last person I interviewed was my friend Erick. He was very troubled with this and it took him a minute to think about it. Ultimately he asked if it was possible he just couldn’t snitch and I said so that was his answer.

It was an interesting question to ask people because of the way the answer varied. It was either they didn’t need anything to snitch but in the other hand they wouldn’t snitch at all. When it comes to siblings I feel as if there is a really special bind when it comes to telling on people. If it’s as high stakes for both of us then I wouldn’t snitch but if it was with our mom then it depends on how much trouble I would get in with her. My mom is an especially scary woman to me so if I wouldn’t get in trouble with her then I would totally tell on my sister in order to push the blame off of me.