A Prince's Journey

Jan 4, 2012
by: 16camposs

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I created the Scratch animation The Prince’s Journey as my response to a project to create an interactive ethical story. An ethical story is a story that teaches a certain lesson in life. It teaches people the consequences of making a certain bad choice in life.

My story is about a boy, the prince, who had everything anyone would ever want to have. This prince always had what he needed and he was really spoiled. One day his father went to talk to him. He told him that he had adopted a boy. When the Prince saw the boy he was upset. He did not like poor people. He also didn’t want the boy to become king and be his dad’s favorite son. He felt that he didn’t want to be replaced but he still felt he was being replaced. His dad tells him that he would stay forever and that the orphan would be his new brother and he would live with them forever. Then he tells his son to show him around and he leaves. Then there is a scene where the Prince tells the orphan to get out of his way and not cause any more problems, he tries to put the orphan’s self esteem down. Meanwhile, the king is worried about his son and his behavior, he thinks that with that kind of behavior he would be hurting people, even if he didn’t intend to. He talks to the wizard and the wizard tells him that he has a plan and all the king has to do is send his son on a journey. His son goes through loneliness, and hunger. he then knows how that feels like. He feels terrible about that. He doesn’t like that feeling at all. Then he comes across a hippo and the hippo asks for help and the player folllows instructions on whether it would help the hippo or not help the hippo.
My story was inspired by watching kids and how at times they get spoiled and don’t like sharing with those in need. My mom also inspired me in helping the needy and when I have something that I don’t use I would give it to my mom and she would give it to those children that are poor and don’t have new stuff and they always have to use the same things

I think I was successful in creating my story because I finished it successfully even though I have some things I had to improve.



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Submitted by 16langk on Wed, 2012-01-04 23:04.

I I like the concept of your story, but there are some things that I think you can improve.
I I think that you should change it to make the timing better and make the characters say the text slower because it goes to fast.
The ethical dilemma in your story is good, but the wrong decision isn't really tempting. You should probably change your story so that the players think that they can benefit from doing the wrong thing, but they will really have a better benefit by choosing the right decision.

I really liked your plot of

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Submitted by 16shenw on Thu, 2012-01-05 18:03.

I really liked your plot of the story. However, the timing of the story was a bit too fast and sometimes it was too slow. Also you should choose a ethical decision that was related to the orphaned boy. Also timing needs work throught the project.


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Submitted by 16islamr on Thu, 2012-01-05 19:17.

I noticed that the dialogue seems to go too fast, leading me to not be able to catch up with what is going on in the story. However, I really admire the story itself and the characters. They are really cute

Your animation has a lot of potential, but it can't show because of the speed that it goes in. If that were to be fixed, your animation would be even better. Besides that, nice work.