A Prison System is Just A System

Apr 4, 2014

My concept map is about Corruption in The Prison Systems. I find interesting because I do not know much about prisons. All I know, in reality, is that inmates can beat each other up when they do not like each other. I organized my information by simply putting “Corrupt Prison Systems” in the middle of the concept map and four sub-topics that are extremely linked into prisons and different. The four sub-topics are Money, Mafia, Gangs, and Warrens. These are very linked in various ways. Money can be linked by fights being set up and simply becoming a way of entertaining people in prisons and betting on fights. Mafia and Gangs are very different. The Mafia is a family that is an organization where people work for these families and sell or own drugs and clubs. A Gang is where everyone is family who ever is included in the organization. Warrens can easily become into millionaires and order public or secret orders to their guards that can lead to abusive actions. I set some details after details around the sub-topics that are closely linked together so that way I can see what I can be able to research and to better understand my research topic. The challenges I had to face was thinking of what can link to the sub-topics.

My concept map relates to my research if Prison Systems are the solution or not by finding all the cons or in other words negatives to how prison systems are actually like. Many of the articles I have read talk about mostly prisons in the south and the west coast. It talks about evidence not being available and ill inmates being treated unconstitutionally. Most of my articles would fall in the warrens category because it is where guards or medics abusive the inmates and clean up their tracks. Each articles main idea is what I am researching about. Every category I have on my concept map would be the reason why Prison Systems are not the solution.

I have a whole lot of work to do now. I have to research in the music, wrestling, MMA, and Boxing industries to see who is famous and went to prison before they became famous. I need to research on Mafia and Gang related stuff that happens in the prisons. I need to research actions of the authority in the prisons. I need to get into this research because they are witnesses of how prisoners were actually like in prison. The corruption that is involved and how the Mafia and Gangs were involved. Tags I should use is “prison music”, “prison celebrities”, “Mafia in Prisons”, “Gangs In prisons” and “Sports in Prisons”.