Jul 6, 2015
by: rwynn

Once my friends and I went to a prom. It was a long day. We had to dress up and ask girls if they would take us in a prom night. We all did that in one day, but then it came to the big part.

We were all in the party, dancing, singing, and etc. The owner of the hotel said everybody stop and listen.

We all stopped and listened, and we sat down to see what was he going to say.

We sat down, and he said, "Now everybody bring or take out y'all's prom letters."

We were all scared because we didn't want to shout out who we like or who we choose, but it all came down to it, and everybody liked who they picked. So while we was all happy everybody was dancing and kissing until we heard a big gun shot sound.

When we heard the big gun sound, everybody said it was a firecracker. We were all laughing. We had a good time. Everybody loved it, and the hotel was filled with drinks and food.

When we were dancing and stuff, we heard the sound again. It was very strange when we saw blood dripping down the wall.

Everybody was trying to escape, but the hotel was dark. Somebody had turned on the lights everybody was scared and they were trying leave through the exit. But all of them were locked.

When we heard slicing and stabbing we all knew we were dead so we started screaming even more. It was a monster that was trying to kill us, but one of my very smart friends said that we were all going to die, because he is not going to stop, because his family died in this hotel.

We all knew we were dead, but thank God my other friend, Cece saw a light.

I said, "That's not a light bulb that's a fire! He set us on fire."

Everybody started to run all around until the fire burned all of us and we all turned into dust.



Submitted by ryleemj on Fri, 2015-12-11 15:22.

I thought your story was real and I was going crazy, but I'm glad to hear that all is good and nobody was burnt to dust! I thought it was a good story, I definitely believed that it was real! I think it could've been a bit more descriptive, so you could elaborate more on the prom monster. But I understand if you had to make it short in order to fit it all on here. I was really impressed, and honestly scared. You really knew how to catch your reader's attention. I hope your real prom experience wasn't anything like this, but it did make a great story!!