Feb 8, 2011
by: mshah

Recently in English class, we’ve been studying about the 2011 Egyptian Protest. At first, I didn’t know exactly what has been happening in Egypt since the end of January. When I saw a live podcast Al-Jazeera from Egypt, I was still lost and didn’t know what is happening. I started to think that it was just a job strike, but it’s a protest to bring down the Preside of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, to resign from the presidential seat. I know that many people feel that Mr. Mubarak will probably be assassinated.  After doing this study, I think that the protesters held the protest for a good reason. But it also people’s fault for electing one president for thirty years. For example, i heard that the economic situation in Egypt is really corrupted. The price of food has been raised. people can’t afford to live with savings.

One thing that I know for sure about the Egyptian protest is that it will effect the foreign nations.     Now I’ve studied my share of U.S.history, and I believe that the Egypt has 30% of fuel in the entire Arab world. Personally, its funny to me how the president and the government is doing nothing at all about the protests. They just chilling in their palaces and pretending everything is all normal and nothing is going wrong.

I did some research on Egyptian protest. I came over several articles. One article, “ UN HUMAN RIGHTS CHIEF: 300 REPORTED DEAD IN EGYPT PROTESTS”. This article provided  a lot of information and opinions on Egyptian protests and its people. Some people felt that it is not a big issue and it will end is couple of days, but its been going on for past 3 weeks.  “ Thew U.N. human rights chief said on Tuesday she has unconfirmed reports that up to 300 people may have been killed and over 3,000 injured in the unrest that has engulfed Egypt for the past week”. This statistics didn't really surprised me all that much, but it did make me feel upset. People are in trouble  and something should be done by other nations. People can help people.

In another source that I looked at, “ EGYPT: MUBARAK SACKS CABINET AND DEFENDS SECURITY ROLE”., there was one statement that made me shake my head in disagreement with the reporter. It was: “IT WAS HIS FIRST STATEMENT SINCE THE PROTESTS - IN WHICH AT LEAST 26 HAVE DIED WITH HUNDREDS OF INJURES-BEGAN”. This is true because the president don’t care abut what ever is happening. He is just careless and doesn't bother thinking about it. He says everything is normal, still in power, and its also people’s fault to let the same guy to rule the nation for thirty years.

All of this makes me think why do we need all the violence? peace is the heaven.