Proud to be an American

Jan 23, 2009
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This past Tuesday, January 20th, was a big day for people all over the world. The inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States has been highly anticipated. What was most startling to me what the reactions from around the world. Obama seems to represent a glimmer of hope for the United States in places all over the globe.

Across the world, people gathered Tuesday to mark the inauguration of Barack Obama as if he were one of their own. In the Indonesian capital, where Obama spent four years as a young boy, students from his former school were to perform old-style dances from across the world's most populous Muslim nation.

The Associated Press: Worldwide, people mobilize for Obama inauguration


But Idonesia was not the only place celebrating Tuesday with the swearing in of Obama.


In Kenya, neighbors were to join together for the moment, a year after their elections were marred by ethnic violence. "Our election in Kenya really had problems with ethnicity ... America has shown that this doesn't have to be that big a problem," said Dr. Joseph Osoo, who runs a clinic in one of Kenya's biggest slums. "Kenyan are very happy because their son is going to be the leader of America," he said.

The Associated Press: Worldwide, people mobilize for Obama inauguration


Personally, I cannot remember any inauguration causing this much stir, or ever really being talked about. It was estimated that about 2 million people attended the inauguration. Just to put a little scale on things... that's about the size of the Salt Lake Valley. That means if everyone from the Salt Lake Valley were to meet some place, at one time, then that's how many people were at the Capitol to witness this event.


Two million people covered almost every square foot of Washington's two-mile grass runway from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama – a restless sea of red, white and blue flags that barely stopped waving from freezing dawn to chilly dusk.

Barack Obama inauguration: Two million turn out to greet their new president - Telegraph

The inauguration of the 44th President was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I am so glad that I can now say, with pride, "I'm American."



I am too

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I am also proud to be an American, I like how you used all of thoes sources, it made it more powerful.