Psychology in Politics (cont.)

Apr 14, 2016
by: ryleemj

Update on the psychological research: recently I've been looking into heuristics and how they evolve people's political views. Much of it is social, and changes over time based on the ever changing society we live in, stated in an EBSCO article on Political Psychology. Another thing I read this week focused on a social identity perspective and how that plays a role in politics. I learned that many people are moved by specific moral values and actions, such as affirmative actions, children development (education, etc.), and abortion or same sex-marriage. These three points truly drive people to support the political candidate they do.
I'd like to look more into how religious factors play a role in candidacy support.


Informative update

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Submitted by lovebugleen on Thu, 2016-04-14 14:42.

Your topic selection is an excellent and very relevant one to today, especially with the election upcoming. You did a nice job updating us on the new information you obtained, but I would suggest also updating us on how this new data shifts or follows the track of your work.