The Pursuit of Happiness

Oct 24, 2015
by: kruss

The article I found was not only on happiness but also how to pursue it and which is the proper way to do it. In a new study done by authors at Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, they asked people of different cultures how their strives for happiness works. This was done on the hypothesis that your culture can affect how you think of and attempt to find it. They surveyed 4 regions; the United States, Germany, Russia, and East Asia. What they found was that the countries fit into 2 categories, individualistic (U.S. and Germany) and collectivistic (Russians, Japanese, and Taiwanese).
The individualistic people tend to try and find happiness through materialism or pleasure seeking ways. On the other hand those who fit under collectivists tend to try and find happiness through helping others and being with loved ones, whether that friends or family. Reading this article gave me quite the new perspective on life.
The reason it gave me a new perspective life was because when I thought about what I had been doing to try and be happy was either to get other people’s approval like my mom or people in general. Although I’m not exactly sure which category that is i also know I attempt to spend all my time doing something, or multiple things, that consume my life. I load myself with responsibilities and things I have to do so I don’t have to focus on whether I’m sad or happy that day. However when it comes to my emotions it’s quite strange because I can say for sure that I am someone who gets happy sometimes. Instead of being a person who has sad moments I have happy moments. I don’t really know how I feel most of the time it’s quite strange. I can’t tell if I am sad most of the time with spouts of happiness or if I am completely apathetic and just don’t care. Well whatever the case may be from now on my outlook of happiness is no longer other’s approval but instead self approval. I need to see if I a happy with myself and then, hopefully, the rest of my life will fall into place. But I have to keep myself in check because who I am happy with now, may not be the same person in 10 years or even 2 weeks. Now I am going to value my relationships with people whomever they may be.

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I read an article that was

Submitted by mkennedy on Fri, 2015-11-13 18:02.

I read an article that was almost the same as yours. I like your article it brought out the science of being happy and a healthy way of being happy

what really makes YOU happy?

Submitted by aywilliams on Wed, 2015-12-16 01:47.

what really makes YOU happy? often a very tricky question to answer because we only know what makes us happy at the moment, but how would we know what makes us happy for long term? researchers cant tell the future, so how would anyone ever know what really makes them happy?