Quake Stories Response

May 5, 2011

I enjoyed Damin Kim's essay, "Earthquakes Experiment," from http://quakestories.wikispaces.com/International+School+of+the+Sacred+Heart because you really made it detailed and showed a lot of emotion.  Your story was entertaining to read and put a picture in my head.

One sentence Kim wrote that stands out for me is: "I felt a little scared. Some of my friend who was in 6T room starts yelling and crying" I think this is interesting because the writer absolutely had no idea of what was going on.  I can imagine how scared the writer felt.

Another sentence that I loved was: "I quickly wiped off the tears and cheer up the others.  So I started telling jokes and acted normal.  But I still I was very scared."  This stood out for me because even though he was scared, he managed to get passed that and be strong by cheering up other people.

I do agree with Kim that this earthquake was a very scary and traumatic experience.  One reason I say this is because the death toll was estrimated at about 10,000.  Another reason I agree is because this will have long lasting effects on the nation of Japan.

What I appreiciate about this writer's work is his effort and how he is able to describe the earthquake so vividly.  I look forward to seeing what he writes next, because I would like to get more of a picture on this earthquake and tsunami.