Qubool Hai

Mar 19, 2015
by: 20azmals
Qubool Hai
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3
Act 4

Introduction: My project was basically an animation invented on this website called Scratch. Scratch is a place where you can make your own animations. It was a really fun experience since I never got to do anything animated related before in technology class before so it was really fun. So my animation is named Qubool Hai. Most of you basically don’t know what it means but it’s the Indian name for the word I accept. I felt that I Accept would be a boring name for my animation so I put Qubool Hai as my animation name. Just remember that Qubool Hai means I accept. My story is about these twins who don’t know each other ever since they were born. They both don’t know that much about their mother who is Athena. One twin is a demigod and the other twin is a demi-vampire. But this story isn’t discussed from the beginning. It is started when both twins are ready to go to college and its on the first day. So to find out what happens next you got to view this animation.

Act 1 Scene 1
Setting: Outside Columbia College
(Zayla enters stage right with her friend Sabrina into the scene of Columbia University.)
Zayla: I feel so proud getting into this school!!
Sabrina: Me too, I just wished we had some classes together.
Zayla: Wait are you sure??
Sabrina: Seriously. I am sure.
Zayla: Great, you were right!! (Zayla becomes upset)
Sabrina: Don’t worry even without me you still have the gift of Athena, your mother.
Zayla: Yeah your right. I hope everything goes well.
(Zayla and Sabrina walk along and then comes in after 5 seconds from stage center is Zoya with her friend Isabelle.)
Zoya: I am so glad I got into this university. It’s thanks to you, Isabelle.
Isabelle:Nah, you’re super smart, you didn’t need me.
Zoya: But still I have a feeling it was because of my good looks they accepted me. Of course, vampires rock.
Isabelle: Will you stop bragging; we have to go in or we’re going to be late.
Zoya: Fine, lets go.
Act 2 Scene 2
Setting: Hallway
Zayla and Sabrina come in from stage left and Zayla’s locket glows turquoise.
Zayla: Why is this locket glowing?
Sabrina: Beats me, but we have 5 mins to get to class!!
Zayla: Ugh! Don’t remind me! We’re going to stay apart in like every class until lunch.
Sabrina: Whatever hurry up you have ELA and I heard he’s very strict!!
Zayla: Fine!! Bye!!
(After the two girls depart, Zoya and Isabelle come in from stage left and her locket is glowing a bright red.)
Zoya: Why is this locket glowing? It’s never done that before.
Isabelle: Who cares about it? It was your cruel mother who gave it to you anyway. She ditched you for life.
(Zoya’s eyes start looking watery. And she blinks her tears away.)
Zoya: Its not her fault she left. I don’t blame her. At least she left me a note that she left unwillingly.
Isabelle: Uh oh, you better go its getting late.
Zoya: Fine!! Bye!!!
Act 3 Scene 3
Setting: Inside the classroom
Zayla: What’s taking that ELA teacher so long?
(Zoya comes in from stage left and takes a seat right next to Zayla even though they don’t notice each other.
5 seconds later the ELA teacher comes in from stage left and gets ready to take the attendance.)
Ela Teacher: Ok guys I’m your Ela teacher and first I will take attendance. umm… Zayla Powers
Zayla: Here! ( raising her hand)
Ela Teacher: Ummm… Zoya Powers ( looks up)
Zoya: Yeah here!! ( raising her hand)
Ela Teacher: Wow the twins are sitting next to each other!!
Zoya and Zayla: WHAT!?!?!?!
(They both turn around and see each other and a dead silence falls. After the bell rings they go take care of the matter.)
Act 4 Scene 4
Setting: Outside in the school yard
Zoya: Ok, just who are you?
Zayla: Excuse me! But who are you and why do you look like me?
Zoya: Well you are a completely different person than me!!!!
Zayla: I seriously don’t want to go through a DNA test and find out that you’re my sister.
Zoya: Whoa! Stop blabbing about DNA tests.
Zayla: Wait a minute, you have the same locket as me!!
Zoya: You’re giving me a major migraine.
(Suddenly a sudden gust of smoke appears from stage up and there appears Athena)
Athena: Hey girls!!! How’s life?
Zoya and Zayla: SAY WHAAAAT!! Hey!!! STOP COPYING ME!!!!
Athena: You guys don’t recognize me. I’m your mother, Athena Powers.
(Both Zoya And Zayla see the locket on their mother’s neck.)
( Zayla and Zoya rush to their mom and give her a hug)
Athena: Ok girls let me explain this for you. You father was... well a vampire so he and I got married and had you two. But we didn’t know it would be this tragic. One of you was a vampire and the other was a demi-vampire. At that time, we had many enemies, so we had to protect you so we had to hide you guys from each other. Unfortunately your father died while protecting both of you. But luckily you both are safe, now Zoya we have to turn you into a demigod.
Zoya: Why????? Can’t you turn Zayla into a Vampire?
Athena: Well think about the prophecy I sent you both. The one with the color of truth, shall always prevail, making sure that the other one never be in ail. Then separated but inseparable, never to look upon table, for chaos created shall be mendable. Turn form different to the same, you shall be known as the twins forever named.
Zayla: Ok mom so what do we do??
Athena: Just connect both your lockets together.It’s almost sundown!! Hurry or else the spell will never be broken!
Zayla: Okay, I accept what I have to do,here goes nothing (with that Zayla connects both lockets and Zoya turns into a demigod)
Zoya: Omg!!! I like this even better(with that the two sisters embraced.)
Zayla: We shall never part again.
Zoya: Never in our everlasting lives.

Developers Logs:
Session 1: Thursday 3/12/15 in school review my project plan for like 20 mins.
Well to review my project plan it only took me about half the time which was only 10 minutes so I got started on my title sequence and that leaves me with 50 minutes to do it at home. Everything is going at a fast rate and I feel like I overestimated the amount of time I would need for each step.
Session 2: Saturday 3/14/15 at home Steps 1-7 (but got up to 10) for 3 hours
It took me like forever to make the title sequence. First of all I was going to put “I accept as the title but I really didn’t know how to do that on Scratch so I decided to put another title which had a picture for it already that stated I accept in hindi. So that took me an extra 10 minutes to do. The background was easy to incorporate because it was uploading which only took like 20 seconds. So that was pretty fast. And instead of getting all the characters ready at once i did it along the way. For some reason it felt easier doing them along the way than doing them all at once since it would just waste a ton of time. So the only characters I created were Zayla, Zoya, Sabrina, and Isabelle. Step 4 was easy. When I got to step 5 I couldn’t make them come stage left so I decided to just let them appear out of thin air. At least it makes it more easier on me. And for steps 6 and 7. I was able to complete quickly so When I was done I had 20 minutes spare so I figured out why not go to step 8 and that took me like only 5 minutes to complete so I got up to step 10 before my 3 hours were up. I really did overestimate.
Session 3: Sunday 3/16/15 at home Steps 11- 15 (actually up to 20) for 1 hour and 10 minutes
I felt that Steps 11 and 12 were easy and were effortless so I got to those does in like 15 minutes. The thing I forgot to include in my first session but when I was trying to make sure the characters moved at the same time and they weren’t so i’m just like gave up on them. That was only for Zayla and Sabrina. But then by that time I figured out how to do it for Zoya and Isabelle that I was too lazy to go back and fix up Zayla and Sabrina since it would just cause more complexity. Step 13 took like only 10 minutes because I had to upload the background from storyboard that. Steps 14-15 were the hardest since i didn’t know how to make them sit to i put them right next to the seat to make it look like they are actually sitting when they aren’t. So that took me like 15 minutes as well. By the last 30 minutes I did steps 16-20. I really am overestimating too much.
Session 4: Monday 3/16/15 at home Steps 21-25 for 1 hour
So step 21 was a little tricky since i was debating whether or not i wanted dead silence because it really wouldn’t give the animation a flow so I decided not to incorporate it. Then it actually took me 15 minutes to do step 22. I actually got to do it all the way up to Step 25 so I’m right on schedule.
Session 5: Tuesday 3/17/15 at home Steps 26-37 4 hours
Steps 23-33 are easy since they are all just dialogue so that took me an hour. The part to connect the lockets though took me like forever to figure out so i decided to just make them come next to each other and just make the locket change color. That took another hour. Also the parts with the lightning I took out because I really don’t know how to create them. Also I didn’t make the hug because it would’ve taken me forever to figure that out. So I didn’t include this in my script but I wanted to add music and a reunion dance so I included that right here right now. And it only took me 3 hours to complete.

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okkkk, I though the mom

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okkkk, I though the mom should be taller don't u think, besides that it was really good.