A Quicker Way to Get Through Airport Security

Mar 17, 2012

Why wait in the long lines at airport security, when you can breeze through without having to take off your shoes, belt, or take the liquids out of your carry-on? A new screening process has been introduced at nine airports and two airlines. Delta and American Airlines have agreed to the new process called "Precheck." This allows frequent fliers to go through an expedited security process - no full body scanners; no skeptical TSA agents. To qualify for Precheck, fliers must meet a few undisclosed requirements and pass a background check. They must also go through a brief interview with a Customs officer. Frequent fliers are being invited by TSA to participate in the program, but the process isn't free. Precheck requires a $100 application fee. But is it worth it? "It cuts security screening down to about 30 seconds," said Gary Kaminsky. The process also benefits the TSA as well. "We can reduce the size of the haystack when we are looking for that one-in-a-billion terrorist," said TSA Administrator John Pistole. The TSA hopes to expand the Precheck program to 35 airports and six airlines by the end of the year.