The Rabbits and the Forest

Jan 4, 2012

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I created the Scratch animation “The Rabbits and the Forest” as my response to a project to create an interactive ethical story. An ethical story is a story in which the beginning sequence leads to a set of choices for the viewer to choose, and the viewer needs to choose the right choice in order to have a good ending. Depending on the choice, the viewer may get more chances to do the right thing, get a good ending or a bad ending, and everything depends on the choice that the viewer decides on.

My story is about the main character rabbit and the friend who is daring, and the friend tells the viewer to come into a forbidden forest. Although being told by the viewer’s “mother” that the forest should not be entered, the viewer follows anyway and starts the adventure. There are a couple of scenes, such as the beginning where there is the two paths to start the forest, and the viewer decides which path to take, a cliff, where the viewer needs to decide whether to jump or walk around it, a fruit forest where there are oranges and the viewer has to decide whether they want to eat it or not. There are a few endings, one best and there are some good and some bad endings, but the best ending has to go through a lot of decisions and always be picking the right one. The story ends with a flower patch, a stomachache, or falling unconscious.

I used the song “Trick and Treat” because the beginning was about a girl wandering into a forest and meeting all sorts of trouble, and that is where I got the idea of having them go into a forbidden forest. I used the song “Alice Sacrifice” because it was about wandering in and doing all sorts of things in the wonderland and every “Alice” ending in different ways, and I used “Alice in Wonderland” because the song was basically using this story, so I decided to use the rabbit as the main character, and have the character possibly ending up at the flower patch. The rest of the story was thought by myself, and I used a little of the fiction stories I wrote when I was little. I combined all of these because I thought it would make an interesting story.

I think I was both successful and unsuccessful in creating my story because I managed to get a good start on the story and all of my sprites and sequences were fine, and I managed to finish a few of the endings, but I think that I was unsuccessful in creating my story as well because I found a lot of bugs after posting the animation and I realized that there were a lot less endings than I imagined because I had too little time to finish the story.

I can’t say that I was totally unsuccessful though, because I managed to somehow tie things together and a few endings actually work, and there were a lot of things I had to work on but I managed to get a lot done and I think that I have tried my best to complete the story. I think I included all that needs to be included, and although some bugs I noticed prevent things from happening further, most endings work.

I think that all the requirements are met, I didn’t exactly time my animation but when I finished going through one ending, at least five minutes passed, and the player gets to choose what to do through clicking buttons. There are two choices each for the player to make as well. There are a few endings that could actually be seen, at least there is the flower patch and there is the unconscious ending.

Although the story plot was based on a couple of sources, I only took one part that didn’t really have to do much with the actual meaning, only the forest idea and the rabbits, which wasn’t really a big part of the original stories, and most of the plot was thought by me, so I didn’t think crediting was needed. Also, all of the backgrounds, sprites and writing and everything else was made by me, I didn’t use help from anyone else, so crediting is not needed. There is nothing that is inappropriate for children under 13 years old, it can be for all ages.


Review of Ethical Decision Project

16jumanm's picture
Submitted by 16jumanm on Wed, 2012-01-04 09:59.

I liked how there were several decisions in your story, it made it longer and more interesting than if it had just one decision. I also liked the animations and the artwork for the backgrounds.
I noticed that when I chose the right choice and made it to the end safely, your animation was a little short, definitely under three minutes long. I would fix this by maybe adding more to the sequence, or perhaps another ethical decision with longer consequences.

The ethical dilemma(s) in your story worked very well. I think the wrong choice in the first ethical decision was tempting, because the player was curious about where it would lead. In the second decision, the wrong choice was obvious, but the consequences in all your decisions were clear, so the player knew what the right thing to do was after he or she made the choice. The mechanism for making the choice worked fine - the buttons were large enough to click and see clearly, and it was very effective with no bugs.

Comment on Ethical Story

16wangc's picture
Submitted by 16wangc on Thu, 2012-01-05 17:36.

I liked the music/background sounds and the background scenes you used in your animation. I also like the ethical decisions you chose to put in your animation.
I noticed that your story animation was pretty short overall, and not quite about 3 minutes long. I also noticed that when I made the "danger" decision, the ending was rather short, but for the "safe" decision, the ending was a bit longer. I think something you could have done better was adding more scenes to help make your animation longer, and closer to 3 minutes.
The ethical dilemmas in your story were good and clear. I understood the choices because there were hints and writing that appeared that helped me understand. The wrong choices were tempting because the rabbit friend made very persuading comments. The mechanism for making the choices were clear because I knew well what I was choosing to do.

I enjoyed that you put many

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Submitted by 17ohs on Tue, 2012-04-24 13:57.

I enjoyed that you put many choices for the viewer to interact with. I tried all of the possibilities that were given, and the results were interesting. The ethical dilemma was nicely presented, but what is the main dilemma? You show two of them.

I enjoyed that you put many

17ohs's picture
Submitted by 17ohs on Tue, 2012-04-24 13:58.

I enjoyed that you put many choices for the viewer to interact with. I tried all of the possibilities that were given, and the results were interesting. The ethical dilemma was nicely presented, but what is the main dilemma? You show two of them.