Racism and use of the "n" word

Feb 20, 2009

There was recently a discussion in my English class about certain topics involving racism and what our opinions were on them. There were a few topics that kind of got me thinking. There were ones involving if you are 2 different races, you should have to choose between one and the other. Also there was a discussion on who couldn’t say the “n” word. Some people were saying it is because it is our word but the question is..


What does it mean when people say its our word?


Leave a comment telling me what you think it means when they say “our word”?





Needs a little more context.

Submitted by sgurnet917 on Fri, 2009-02-20 13:42.

Needs a little more context. Who exactly was it who said it was "[their] word?"

Words are not property that can be owned. Sure, there is such a thing as jargon that is specific to certain groups, but the 'n-word' is (regrettably) more or less a mainstream word that has been absorbed into the collective vocabulary of many people of various races.