Random Crazy moments

Sep 25, 2008
by: ndaza

My crazy moments are with my friend Isabella she is a really random person but it's funny because I'm the same way which is cool .She understands me no matter what even though some times i really don't make sense but she knows what i mean. The bad part is she lives really far away from me in long island but she comes all the way from there just to see me which i really love and love her too but just as buddies .One random moment is when we went to the mall and like she had a bracelet and it was nice then like we were eating atthe food court and this random dude or guy came up to us and said ''hey nice bracelet'' and like he was with other friends and they sat with us and started talking and that was really random but it was okay there were nice and kinda of cute and basically we chilled hanged around which ever and it's cool because now were really kinda close friends .

Focused sentence:basically me and my friend Isabella have random  which are really fun at times and some times it can  be weird .

My second story is when i go shopping with my mom is when I see one of my friends and it feels award seeing them and your with your parents and they say hi to you and your mom just looks at you like you are shopping with me hurry up and stuff and then your parents start asking who was that is she nice and alot of questions that you really find weird and like asking your self why is she asking me this she was just a friend and asking your self what are my parents thinking about my friend. 
Focused sentence : Here I'm just saying that seeing your friends or people you know shopping with your parents can some times feel award.
My last story is when one of my friends was dating this guy and like we were hanging out and stuff and like she saw one of her friends which was a boy came and they started talking . Then out of nowhere her boy friend comes and like he got jealous and they kinda started fighting in front of us which was some what intersting and funny but we didn't laugh and yeah then her friend started making fun of them fighting and of course i started laughing .Then they just stared at us and basically it was award and random and then eventually they started fighting with us because we were making fun at them .

Focus sentence : Here basically me and my friend and her boy friend getting jealous because she was with a boy just talking and then they fight and we made fun of them and yeah they get mad at me and her friend .