Random Things That Rock My World!~

Nov 19, 2009
by: therbin

Why am I the person I am now?
Well...first off, I'm unique. I love to do things other people wouldn't do. Like, I play maple story and I'm 15. Yeah...anyway, I love to play the guitar, but... I play it a little differently though. I also love to cosplay.  Like,  I cos played Bill Kaulitz for Halloween, and my friends were like...


All of my friends love anime, but not too many love NARUTO like I do. I watched from the first series to the shippuden. It was awesome! I want to go to japan later in life. Tokio hotel is the best German rock band, then Cinema Bizarre. Why? Because of their songs.  I like Japanese rock better than German rock, more....yelling, I think. Yu from CB is hot, but his Guitar skills are cool. If him and Tom were having a solo battle, Tom would win because Strify would distract him to no end. It would be like teasing a monkey with a banana while fighting a tiger. Any who, I like to change up my clothes, like, I really want to mix it up.
     I love Harajuku, punk, emo, Visual Kei, Scene, Lolita and others. The styles look so cool!!!!!!!!When I turn 16, I'm going clothes shopping. I'm not the one to go to extreme and get percings and what not, that's just weird. I just want to where what I want, but not look stupid going outside, hense uber percings. I don't want to be like everyone else, I wanna be unique. I can't wait to improve the look I've wanted for 3 years. I'm happy because my family is awesome. They all love me for who I am *EVEN THOUGH I AM ANNOYING AT TIMES* and they love almost everything I do *MY AUNT HATES SUSHI....* So, it would be very awesome if I went to japan...I really want to so badly!!!!~ But China kinda scares me....but their books are awesome, but sometimes it's hard to decipher what they are actually talking about...so usually, I lose interest in it.

     The hardest thing that I had to do this year was talk about that book by Amy Tan. MY book is about some random Chinese families/people and their "HARSH" past times. I think it sets in the late 80's to 2004. Also, my favorite story is the one where the wife had a husband who wouldn't sleep with her and the mother-in-law got mad. The, she had a weird dream about her ancestors telling her about her doomed marriage and the possibility of Tsuyang being killed by his own flesh, being eaten away by a black dot on his back. This scared the mother-in-law, thus, the horrid marriage had ended, to her happiness.

The other favorite was the girl whose mother wanted her to be a pianist, but she didn't have the skill. Her sister did, though, and her mother praised her greatly for that. Angry, she stops, and her mother slaps her across the face, making her even more mad. Years later, she talks to her mother, and this time, the m other is somewhat happy that she is talking to her.
Why, I don't know.

The author of this book really  caught my attention. Usually, with books like this, I'd abandon it, but the stories are awesome. So, in result, I read the book like 4 times already. Taking this from the Chinese's perspective, they had a fixed lifestyle. Like some extreme Hindu/Indian families, they had an arranged marriage. To me, I really don't like that. Because, if you meet someone that you actually like, you'd want to spend the rest of your life with them, not some person your parents thought would be "GOOD" for you. It should be based on a few things: Love, Trust, Compassion, tolerance and happiness, you know, the basics. Unless the one you like is the one you've been arranged to marry is the one you love, it's just horrible. If it's for cultural-traditional reasons, I respect that.

I like this book for many reasons. The culture, seeing how life was in China and early Chinese-American life. The story lines, how the story was set up and if they had any prologues to help us understand what was going on better. The characters, most of them are funny...yeah...so...Chinese folktales, stories and realistic fictions kind of weird me out, with their little stories in their stories that tells the storyline about their stories....That's one of the things that creep me out, but that says a lot about me!

 I help alot of people. I help my mom, my aunt and family. What I like to do in school is work, talk to my friends, play and eat. I do all of my work and I try hard. It's fun and sweet. This school is cool. I love the way they centralize their teachings on asia.

What I like to after school is do homework, write, draw and play maple story. I also play electric guitar. What I mostly do, thought, is play maple Story. My main is level 94. I don't play her most, thought, because I'm trying to get my level 38 Dit to level 70 at least...anyway, I love writing short stories. One of my dreams in life is to be a writer. I finally came up with a band name: A.Y.Z. It stands for Aka Yume Zoku: Or RED DREAM CLAN. I'm selling my guitar soon to get a bass guitar because the one I have now is difficult to play. Um...I also play online video games and other stuff. So, I do many things in my personal life, so...yeah....

I'm a very unique and well-rounded person.