The Raven in Regular English

Jun 3, 2016

The Raven in Regular English

This one night, I was up thinking, I was really sad
Because of
My eyes were heavy, almost slumpt, there was something that knocked
Someone knocking at my room door
“Who is that?” I said to myself, “knocking at my room door-
Only knocked and no one’s there”

Now I remember it was cold in December
And all of the burning wood ash was on my floor
I can’t wait for tomorrow,
From the books of incoming sadness, sadness for my girl Lenore
The only girl that the angels named Lenore
Dosen’t mean nothing anymore

Then the curtains started moving
It scared me with terror i’ve never felt before,
My heart was racing, And I kept saying
“Someone is trying to come in my room,
Someone is trying to get in here”

Finally I got the courage, and I finally said,
“Aye Bruh or Miss,
But I was about to go to sleep, Until you started knocking
And kept knocking on my room door, and know it was you”.
Then I finally opened the door,
And no one was there and nothing more.

I stared at the darkness, Straight trippin
Dreaming strange thoughts no one would dare to think
It stayed silent, but the silence gave no hint
And the only thing I have thought was “Lenore?”
I said whispered this to myself, and a echo said the same thing back
That was it and nothing more