Reactions to a Disastrous Event

May 3, 2011
by: 16dasb


Reactions to a Disastrous Event

were many people sharing their stories of what happened to them during
the earthquake in Japan. While reading these stories, I see that many
people were not affected by the earthquake. They may have felt a slight
tremor, but nothing really crucial. These lucky people people in Japan
were able to live their lives somewhat normally. Dan, author of “The of
the Quake,” was one of these people. He only had a little trouble going
home. Otherwise, he was not hurt, and his family was okay.

a lot of people were not as lucky as Dan, because they had to face many
hardships as a cause of this earthquake. For example, in the story
“Decisions,” Cyrus and his family had to make several major decisions
all as a result of the earthquake. He and his mother left Japan in fear
of radiation. Cyrus was scared that he would have to leave Japan

the earthquake, a lot of people who were separated from their families
were scared that they would never see them again such as McKenzie in the
story “My Tohoku Earthquake Experience.” He was scared that he would
never see his family members again. The phone connections were down, so
he was not able to call his parents. During this time, he learned that
he had taken the time he spent with his family for granted.  

reading the authors experiences, I understood that  the earthquake had a
life changing impact on many people. A lot were forced to move out of
the city, or the country for that matter in fear of radiation. Some,
right after the earthquake feared that they would never see their family
members ever again and for a lot of people, their fear came true. Homes
were demolished, many people had no hope. Many shelves in stores had
little or no food at all. These were all results of the tremendous
earthquake in Japan.

have noticed that a lot of these stories include a life lesson. For
example, in the story “My Tohoku Earthquake Experience,” the author
learns that he should stop taking family for granted. In the story
‘Decisions” the author says “that our lives could change drastically in a
moment.” Here, the author is saying at any moment, your life may
change. This is an example of a life lesson the author learns.
reading these stories, I thought to myself, ‘would I have been prepared
to go through this earthquake?’Could I have gone through what these
authors  have? How would I have reacted?

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