Read About an Epic Journey!

May 20, 2009
by: jsavino

The Book i am reading is called The Summoner by Gail Z. Martin.Tells a story of an epic journey.An engrossing tale of loss and revenge,of life and after life and the thin line between them.

                  The main idea so far in the story is revenge and how revenge will not solve all yours problems.That seeking revenge would lead unto doing evil.Its another heroic tale sending us a message about what the right thing is to do and of courage,strength,wisdom, and burgeoning our actions and power only in the summoner its contrasting all of this into a fantasy to look at things differently in reality.The theme is a fantasy,action,war, and a little of love.On page 309 where the book Quotes "A sword holds no power unless the hand that wields it has courage" which would make anyone think that you have the power to do anything you wish but with that power needs courage.

                   The main idea and the theme of this book takes me back to a period in my life where my older brother was killed.I had sought revenge and wanted to balance the equation,but in doing that would set a never end to the vicious cycle.The big idea in life and in the story is that revenge would continue the cycle of who killed who,why,Or she killed he killed, and i want vengeance,But in my life i believe i am the vengeance,The balance of my Own justice.

                    I am looking forward to reading more.I'm left gasping for more and hope to see you see a turning point and more action and less talking.Questions i ask are like will matris the prince who seeks vengeance would ever get it.