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Feb 12, 2009
by: aru
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Recently, I finished the novel "Slaughterhouse-Five" by Kurt Vonnegut, and I liked it because it keeps you interested in the events of his life. The book descrides a novel written by a man who wanted to write about the Dresden bombing in World War II. The main character, Billy Pilgrim, constantly jumps to different periods in his life and he explains his emotions about each event.

One line from this book that I found interesting was "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to always tell the difference". This quote was interesting because it relates to Billy's time traveling and shows that he cannot control most of the events in his life and lets it play like a movie in front of him. Throughout the book, Billy accepted all the events because he knew he was just trapped in time and didn't seem to care for much.

Another line that I liked was "Everything is alright, and everybody has to do exactly what he does. I learned that on Tralfamador". I think Billy is dead throughout this whole novel and that he is in the 4th dimension where he is technically alive. In this novel, maybe Tralfamador is real and he is just replaying his life over and over again due to Tralfamadorians doing. Or maybe this man has just lost his mind in the war and is recalling these events and making his own world to explain things he cannot.

This book was very interesting and kept me thinking throught the novel. I wonder what the author's true intent was when writing this. This book gives me so many ideas of what is the true meaning behind Billy Pilgrims story. I hope to read more interesting books by Kurt Vonnegut.


Interesting....Science >=0

Submitted by CFlores on Thu, 2009-02-12 21:23.

God....I really don't know if I should beliefe in God, it's really weird because there is so much to learn about him, and the more I learn about him, the more I stop believing in him. I think I'm going to make myself atheist officially. I mean, there is no point in believing in God. I read somethings in the Bible and they just got me mad....something that makes me mad is sins. When you commit a sin, you have to be forgiven by praying to God and truly meaning it. I understand that part, but it always has consequences wtf????? Also Adam and Eve, okay the sinned and okay we know that they couldn't be forgiven. I don't think that just because Adam and Eve sinned we should all deserve to stay in Earth. God judged us right away, even before we existed. The funny thing is he knows everything and if we lived in his "kingdom", nobody would ever commit sin since he would have made us perfect.  I don't understand him because if he made Adam and Eve perfect they would have never made that mistake....I guess he didn't make them perfect enough????^.^

Dear Christian, I"m going to

Submitted by SpencerEBCHS on Thu, 2009-12-10 12:53.

Dear Christian,

I"m going to level with u i considered being atheist. I have just one friend that i met recently that is atheist and we had a long coversation bout it. There really is plenty to learn about God but i really dont waste time, cause the main point is to believe and have faith in him. You mentioned the bible, and i sort of agree, The bible was man made and as it was passed down man has took out and put in and rearranged the word jesus spoke and whatever else so thats why i dont live my life according to the bible. I feel if im going to follow the words of the bible then it should at least be the words directly from him, and dont forget man was sinned and it was man that made the bible so they could have simply put their own beliefs in there. You also mentioned consequences for sinning...well its only right that you get punnished. You apoligizing or repenting is like knocking off years on a jail sentence, but it will help you in the long run when its judgement day. As for Adam and Eve, yes they sinned but they was tempted by the devil. Temptation is one of the 7 sins that currupts man every day and it was a snake that lucifer sent to tempt Eve then Eve tempted Adam and both fell for it. That is why sin was passed down through man. The problem is we are all sinners, we sin every second of evry day, it only remember a few of the sins such as gluttony, jealousy, temtation, lust, and so on along those lines. This is his kingdom, he made everything that we need to survive on, the water u drink down to the weed that u smoke. Im not tryin to tell you what to be im just givin my opinion, I would say im something in between atheist and a believer. I would like to hear your reply on what i said so write back.