Recycle More

Feb 10, 2009
by: A.Clayton

Each day as Americans we produce 4.4 ounds of garbage each day.  On average half of all the garbage can be recycled.  Meaning we all can step it up and recycle as much as we can.  It would help save our resources so much.

According to the EPA today, the US recycles 25% of its trash, when it could recycle 75%!

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Recycling is such an easy thing, for a such a big cause.  At lunch instead of walking to the garbage, walk an extra few feet to put that plastic bottle in the recycling.  Anything will help, and if lots and lots of people start recycling at the least one bottle or can each day it was make a big impact.

Anecdotal evidence suggests recycling and reusing everything from an empty soda can to an entire house will help employment.

Recycling can create jobs | | The Burlington Free Press