Dec 18, 2009
by: CaleyW

 In my photo discussions I had said that I had wanted to take some in the day, action pictures but I never did.  I think the reason that I did not is because when I take my photos I do not really think about what my goals are.  I just see something that would make a good photograph and I take it.  I think that for my next group of work I would like to change some things up and do what I actually wanted to do.  I had said that I wanted to take the same pictures in the daylight but I do not work that way in terms of taking photos.  

Digitally I think I am doing kay but not great.  I personally have done some commenting but not much.  As other people have done a lot.  I do not think many people have commented on my pictures but I do not mind.  I know that I am not the best photographer and it is okay if people do not love my work because I do not even know if I like my work