Reflection: Alex Rider: Point Blank by Anthony Horowitz

Oct 20, 2011
by: 15TanN

I have finished the action-adventure fiction novel, "Alex Rider: Point Blank" by Anthony Horowitz. It has a total of 274 pages, and I have already made one previous discussion regarding the book.

Summary: Meet Alex Rider: a 14 year old boy who works for MI6, Britain's intelligence agency. His most recent mission has brought him to a correctional school for rich children in the French Alps, known as Point Blanc. In here, Alex notices that all the students besides his friend James Sprintz act almost exactly the same. Their manners, the way they talk, and even how fast they tap their fingers are alike. And after a strange abduction one night, James himself becomes like the rest of the crowd. Alex knows something is up, and investigates. He finds a "secret" third floor that is a mirror image of the second floor (where the student's bedrooms, classrooms, and recreational areas are). Every room on the third floor has the exact same layout as the rooms on the second floor, even down to a single poster. Alex does further sleuthing, and overhears a conversation with Mr. Baxter, a surgeon, and Dr. Greif, the head of the school. They talk about the "Gemini Project", which is a program Alex discovers to be involving human cloning. The kids in the school were replaced by genetic copies of Greif, albeit younger. The plan would be for the clones to adopt the real students' looks through surgery and to come home to the real parents, inheriting money in the future for Grief. After escaping and relaying the information to MI6, Alex is told to go BACK and guide a squadron through the building to save the real teens. They succeed, and Alex returns to school life. But, at the surprise twist at the end, Alex finds that one clone is left: his copy. While alone in the school, the two fight viciously. The conflict closes with the real Alex victorius.

The meaning of the novel: I feel that the meaning of this story is that things aren't always what they seem. Through instances like how two billionaires dying within weeks of each other was intentional and how ridiculous Grief's scheme semed to be, Horowitz teaches his readers to expect the unexpected. Alot of the story involves surprises, and as an example I first thought that the stuents enrolled at Point Blanc were brainwashed, when in reality they were cloned. Even at the end, there was a shock when Alex's copy had come to kill him. Thus, this meaning applies to real life because one can't rely on assumtions based on surface value to make sound judgements.

Recommendation: I liked reading Alex Rider: Point Blank. There was a lot of action, mystery, and suspense. The story was very creative, albeit unbelieveable. It shows interesting character development in Alex, as he goes from wanting to be a full-time agent at the beginning to hating his dangerous job after the fiasco at Point Blanc. However, the novel wasn't much of a big page-turner, and the idea of cloning wasn't as emphasized as I wanted it to be. Being that this book is part of a series, it may seem hard to catch on to at first. But, Horowitz provides good background information throughout the story, so new readers can become acquainted with the material in no time. I also liked how this book involved a mission very different from Stormbreaker (the previous novel), so I could tell that the writer was being creative.  All in all, I would reccomend Alex Rider: Point Blank to any people that like spy novels or action stories, but can't say that it is a masterpiece.


Advisory Comment

Submitted by 15SariwatiB on Fri, 2011-10-21 11:18.

Dear Nick,

I thought that your post about the book Alex Rider Skeleton Key was very interesting. I think this because I used to read the series as well, but I haven't exactly followed all the books. It's cool to see how a character changes throughout a series and what new situations that they have to face. 

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me was that the meaning of the novel isn't always what they seem. I think this is true because it's like saying that you can't judge a book by it's cover.

Your post did not remind me of anything that happened to me.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you are very in depth with your writing and it's very appealing as a reader to read. I look forward to seeing more of your writing in the future. 



Submitted by 15OMERAGICE on Fri, 2011-10-21 11:19.

Dear Nick,

I really liked your summary and I feel like you made you book seem very interesting. I have already read this book but you made me look at it in a different way and this has never really hapend to me. It helps open my mind and so I thhink that you did a great job describing this book.

Sounds Similar to a Movie....

Submitted by 15TIEUK on Tue, 2011-10-25 11:34.

Dear Nick,

The way you described te book was very interesting and that's big coming from me because I don't read too much mystery or action novels, i usually read romance and other realistic fiction books. Right when you mentioned the words "clones" and "Gemini Project" in the same sentence, a movie popped into my head that was very similar to the plot of this book. It was a actually a Disney movie, where Dylan and Cole Sprouse (Zack and Cody remember?) were the main characters in that movie. They were tryng to manipulate twins and get them to think alike and eventually merge the twins into one person. They were trying to get all the twins to think alike so they become an army to take over the world. The twins were used for a different reason in your book to get money for their "creator" or "master". I feel like I always want a book that's page-turner because it always more interesting that way. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to read the book beacuse it's part of a series and I can't read a whole series that isn't interesting.