Reflection on The Cobra

Oct 12, 2011
by: 15CannonG

The Cobra by Frederick Forsyth is a novel about Paul Deveraux also known as The Cobra is 70 year old retired CIA agent.  He's now brought back into the old days where he's asked by the President of the United States and President Obama to take down the entire cocaine industry down in Columbia and everywhere around the world.  He's agreed to the the mission, but under one condition: he gets to run the mission on his own terms and he has complete control.  After much hair pulling the government finally agrees to his terms and they allow him to do what he wishes to do.  His mission is to hunt down Don Diego Esteban, the cocaine lord in Columbia and around half of the world.  The Cobra asks for help from an old friend and enemy as well: Cal Dexter.  Soon the two ask for help from every known task force in America, England and Canada to help.  They dispatch planes and ships to intercept the shipments of cocaine by the Don and they are soon capturing every one of them.

One important lesson or an important detail that I will remember from the story comes around the end of the story where Cal Dexter listens to the news and the top story is how local Alexandria, Virginia police have found Deveraux and his maid Macy dead in their house.  The reason for it being that Deveraux didn't keep his promise with the Don.  I think that the lesson coming out of that really is that if you can't keep a promise to someone (especially someone as vile and powerful as Don Diego) then just don't do it.  The Cobra thought that he would get his supply of cocaine to the Don, but Dexter knew where the Cobra wasn't going to keep his promise.  Essentially this what led to him ending up being dead.

I would recommend this book to people because it's a fast paced thriller that will keep you reading it over and over.  It's definitely a page turner where there's always something knew turning up in the story and it keeps you wondering what comes next.  I would recommend this book to anybody from teenagers to adults.  It's a great book, you should read it.



Submitted by 15ANASTASION on Fri, 2011-11-18 12:30.

I have never read this book, but after reading your response, I want to read this book. It sounds like an exciting and fast paced book. I am a little puzzled at why the United States decided to elect a 70 year old to run this operation to bring down the drug lord, but I guess it would not be exciting if it was an elite assassin like Jason Bourne.

I will be looking for the book in the future. Thanks!