Reflection on Evoke

Mar 27, 2010
by: amei

A few weeks ago, I became an agent in a global network of social innovators. Urgent EVOKE: A Crash Course in Saving the World opened on March 3, 2010. It’s an interesting game, educating, beneficial, and a place where you can make new friends all in one. It was designed and is directed by McGonigal for the World Bank Institute.

Beginning of Evoke

EVOKE has been open 3 weeks and already has more than 14,243 members. The game will last 10 weeks, concluding on May 12,2010, with a new quest and a new mission unlocked each week. In the first mission agents were asked to  write where we would be if Alchemy calls us to help with the food crisis in Tokyo. We are also supposed to write what we would be doing. We have to picture it that we are in 2020, 10 years later from now.  

The first thing I looked at was this 90-second trailer: EVOKE trailer from Alchemy on Vimeo. I thought the trailer was pretty cool. It has to do something with Africa. The game comes out tomorrow and I would like to play the game.

I like the way the story is presented, because it has colors and the pictures are drawn well. The story is interesting. 

When I read the story for week one, I thought it was cool. Its about finding solutions for problems.  I like that because problems should be taken care of. If not, it can get to you and make you sad and ruin your days.  The mission for week two is about food security. I know how important food is especially when you are hungry. Mission three for this week is about electricity. Some people don't have access to any electricity and that's terrible.

About Evoke
Each week, players are supposed to complete the quests and missions and you get points for doing that. My favorite quest so far was the first one. This quest nice, because this quest is called secret identity. So, completing this quest, other agents can see who you are and might want to be friends with you based on your profile. I think this is a good idea. On the surface, this quest was to answer the questions. They were: whats your name?, where do you live, 

Are you a student? If so, tell us where, and what you’re studying!, Are you working? If so, tell us where, or what kind of work you do, What language(s) do you know?, What are 3 things you know more about, or do better, than most of your friends and family?, and What 3 personality traits or abilities make you stand out from the crowd?


Each week's mission has three parts: learn,act and imagine and so far I'm enjoying the imagine ones the most because you can use your imagination and be creative in your answers to the missions. You can do blog posts, videos, or pictures but I usually do blogs. My best mission so far has been the first week, the one about social innovation.


The "learn" part of this mission was to chose one out of the 33 secrets of social innovation in a document thats your favorite and say why you favor that one besides the others. As you can see in my blog post for this part of the mission, I learned If you’ve got very few resources, you’re forced to be very creative in using and reusing them.


The “act” part was to write about the person you admire, about the person who you can call hero. Someone who can fix problems..Again, please take a look at my blog post. For this challenge I plan to be someone like that. I know its hard but I'll try because a person like that is amazing. It's a person I need in my life when I'm in trouble.


For “imagine” we were asked to write about how your life would be 10 years from now which is 2020. And what you would do if Alchemy calls you to help with the food crisis in Tokyo. Now take a look at my story for this task. What I like most about what I put up was that I got to picture the future and think about how my life will turn out to be. This made me also think about the food crisis I see daily. I see homeless people on the streets and how they got no money for food and how hungry they are. I want to help them out.


Evoke is awesome

When I first started playing Evoke, I thought it's a unique game, its something I never played and wouldnt have played if Mr.Allison hadnt assigned to play it. Now, I'm wondering why the game is only a 10 week period game. I know games that last forever. The most interesting part of the game is that it helps you learn about the world. And thats a good thing. It teaches you how there are all these problems in the world and they need solutions/help.


Some have even wondered if Evoke is a game. You can see it as a game or not as a game. I think its  a game, an educational game because you get points for playing which is doing blogs/videos/etc. So if you dont do them, you arent playing. We watched a TED video in which Jane McGonigal  explains these types of games, and I'm thinking now that its amazing how they can create games that are fun and educational. This will make kids want to play and also learn at the same time. This is a positive thing. 


I am looking forward to the next episodes of Evoke, because I want to see what the next episode will be about. I want to see what I will be learning and what the issue will be about.