Reflection of Research Paper Writing Process - Annotated Bib

Jun 6, 2016
by: connorc

Recently in my expository writing class, we were asked to write a research paper on any topic that we chose. After searching the web for various topics, one particular one that stuck out to me was the controversial topic of the legzlization of marijuana. However, I'm not posting to talk about that topic, but rather the first step that went into my research paper regarding the topic - the annotated bibliography. Back when I was in Florida in AP Seminar class, we had to do a lot of very detailed bibliographies that were collected for a hefty grade. I absolutely hated this assignment at the time, but after having to do it again for my teacher I realized the benefit in them. Annotated Bibliographies force me to actually read through all of the sources that look good to me, gaining a basic understanding of them before I even start my paper. I also like to outline my favorite points in the source for easy access while I'm writing. Additionally, having all of the MLA citations I needed ready for me made drafting up the skeleton of my paper with ease, and then allowed me to polish up my paper by adding meat to all of the outline I had set up for me. While I swore the first time that I had to do an Annotated Bib that I would never do them again, but in retrospect it allows me to walk into my paper already well informed and prepared to write. Have you guys heard of annotated bibs? Do you use/like them?
Connor C