Nov 13, 2008

When I took these photos I had a plan of what I wanted to do. I actually took my mirror out side because the clouds would reflect nicely as a background, and I collected different objects to play around with in the photos. This first one is of a green beaded necklace I found and though if I picked it up it would create a more interesting, vertical image. So I held up the necklace and took the photo vertically in order to create interesting leading lines. So obviously, the object reflected is the necklace, but I really like it because the background is of a railing and the sky, sort of deceptive because it’s unordinary to see a mirror and necklace with the sky.



 This picture is very

Submitted by AnnieB on Mon, 2008-11-17 09:59.

 This picture is very interesting and caught my eyes because of the angle camera to the necklace. The picture seems very clear, but the viewer still has to look at it for a long time to understand it. It is interesting to try to find what is the reflection is and what the real necklace.