The Relaxing Japanese Hot Springs

Jan 31, 2015
by: elieu

While I was researching about cultural practices on the web. I came upon Japanese cultural practices and I read about the topic, hot springs in Japan. That topic sounded very interesting so I did more research on the Japanese hot springs. Reading more into the topic, I found out that there can be minerals found in the hot springs. The more deeper I look into the topic, makes me want to go to Japan and try the hot springs in there.

The Japanese hot springs are called Onsen. Because Japan has many volcanoes there are many hot springs. Most of these hot springs are traditional public bath houses. The hot spring can either be indoors or outdoors. The indoor bathtubs are made of glass, tiles or stainless steel and outdoor bathtubs are made of granite, marble or Japanese cypress. Traditionally, both men and women would bathe together in the hot springs but some hot springs separates men and women.

All hot springs have etiquettes. Etiquettes are rules that everyone had to follow in order to use the hot springs. All the guest are required to clean their body before they enter the hot spring because they want the hot springs to be clean. The bathers normally do not wear swim suit unless it is a mixed bath. Most hot springs bans people who has tattoos. People who have open cuts and/or sore are not able to bathe. Bathers can not put your head under the water.

Since the hot springs come from volcanoes, they contain minerals and/or chemicals. These minerals can help the body heal. It can heal pain, aches and diseases. It can also heal illnesses such as chronic skin disease, joint pains, diabetes, constipation and more. There are different variety of minerals such as carbon dioxide, sodium bicarbonate saline, chloride, sulphate, aluminum, acid, sulfuric and much more. Each mineral has their own ability to heal.

Although, there can be some side effects of using the hot spring.

Even snow monkeys enjoy using the hot springs. Like in this video




Submitted by asalanga on Sat, 2015-01-31 03:16.

This was sooo relaxing and cool to read. I like how you included many information!

Wow! That's cool! I wanna go

Submitted by msaelee on Mon, 2015-02-02 03:12.

Wow! That's cool! I wanna go to Japan now too! Let's go together!


Submitted by qtat on Mon, 2015-02-02 18:00.

The more i read the more i get fascinated. This is so interesting how the hot springs has minerals in them! Now i want to go to Japan and bathe in one of them or even multiple! :D


Submitted by athongkham on Mon, 2015-03-02 04:21.

Did you know that in Korea They also have a similar practice too, but there aren't a lot of true hot springs in Korea so they have bathhouses.Like the rule and showering separately is the same too. In Japan is there an area where your able to sleep and eat, or buy food? I always wanted to go there but i would feel uncomfortable because there would be strangers around me.