Nov 5, 2009
by: Syd12



My 4th roll of film I took many pictures of many different things that I felt had meaning. When I was taking these pictures I was thinking more about emotions, scenery, and creativeness. For example I have photos of objects in the woods, a different country, mountains, roads, flowers, and backyards. I had not problems at all with my 4th roll. This roll of film was by far the best I had taken. I had a lot of favorite pictures on this roll so it was hard to decide which ones I wanted to print off. My 3 favorite would have to be this one with the cross, the one where you see Canada, and my grand-parents backyard. The printing process for this photo went pretty well. I only did 2 test strips and did the final print twice. The only thing I needed to dodge on this photo was the trees for about 5 extra seconds because they were so light. I did not need to use and filter for this photo. I learnt that you can flip your printing paper around and make the photo look a lot better when it is horizontal. The first thing I see when I look at this photo is bulls-eye. I find this bulls-eye works well with this photo because of the trees around the cross distract it from being right in the middle and looking odd. I see texture with the trees and leaves. I see diagonals with the cross and trees, and also I see form in this photo because the cross and trees stick out and look 3-D. Finally I also think that there is a little bit of movement because when you look at the cross you examine it with its shape and also the trees make your eyes move up the picture. I picked this picture to print because I felt it showed a lot of emotion and creativeness. I think when you look at this photo is makes you think of religion and makes you ask questions about it because the main idea is religion. I think the best part of this picture is that the cross is very clear and the trees and grass are blurry. I did this because I wanted the main focus to be on the cross. The only thing I would try to do better next time is to make the trees a little more in focus.