Religion and Science

Dec 4, 2015
by: Hatch15

Do science and religion have to undermine the other or can they build upon each other? It interested me because for so long the two have opposed one another, but now some scientist think that science and religion are like opposite sides of a coin. This situation is interesting because the conflict can lead some people who believe in something to side only with their side which could cause severe ailment or possible death that could possibly be prevented like in Ashley King’s case(The Atlantic “Can Religion and Science Coexist?”). ““Had the Kings been atheists,” Coyne writes, “there was a good chance [Ashley] would have lived.”(The Atlantic “Can Religion and Science Coexist?”)”. While I believe that if the KIngs had believe that God (the kings being Christian Scientist) used science to do his work then I think Ashley’s life could have been saved.


I have always wondered why

Submitted by Hayes64 on Wed, 2016-02-17 21:46.

I have always wondered why science and religion just can't get along. The problem between the two is that they contradict each other on so many levels that it is hard to find any conceiveable common ground.

I think that science and

Submitted by adi_kandula on Thu, 2016-02-18 13:07.

I think that science and religion could coexist, but it would be extremely difficult.