Research Project Brainstorm on Brain Death

Mar 20, 2016
Human brain graphic model

My class, AP Language and Composition, is about to embark on the daunting task of writing a research paper on any topic of our choice. When debating which topic intrigued me the most, I brainstormed an array of topics I could choose from and found that over 90% of those topics were medical-related. Why not do something that will sustain my interest for a long period of time? My interest in this field has been unwavering since I can remember, and it only felt natural to feed my medical curiosity. The cat is out of the bag and is looking for the closest OR room.

The topic I have selected is on "brain death." Because I am in the preliminary steps of understanding the fundamental concepts about this topic, I do not know very much. However, here is what I do know so far:
-there is a difference between being "brain dead" and being in a "vegetative state"
-common causes of brain death include trauma to the head, stroke, cardiac arrest, or heart attack
-and, general ways to assess brain death is through physician examination in areas such as level of consciousness, brain stem reflexes/activity, and the apnea test

There will be more information coming your way to a YouthVoice discussion page near you! Stay tuned. Below are the sources I credit for feeding the curious cat: