Research Reflection

Dec 17, 2015

My first step in my research was to write my thesis which I would later add onto and advance after I researched my topic more. I found as many sources as I could. Reading about different research that has been done on my topic helped me narrow down what I wanted to focus on. At first, I knew that in general I wanted to research educational spaces and how they affect learning. As I read on, I found a lot of information about what special needs kids need in a learning environment. I then began to think about how to make learning environments can accommodate all different types of learners.

I also found a few companies that make innovative furniture specifically for intentionally created learning spaces. I found this really interesting since I am interested in Interior design and architecture. I found it was more effective to just explore everything out there instead of trying to find a specific thing.

I also found a lot of information linked to Montessori education. I was intrigued by this because I went to a montessori school until I was in 8th grade. I think it would be interesting to add my own personally experience into my research paper to support the information I find. Montessori learning environments are very unique and even have special materials designed to engage students.

The length requirements for this assignment seemed intimidating at first, but after finding so many bibliographies and research it didn’t seem as daunting. I think that since it will be a longer paper, I will be able to incorporate more research and go into better detail. It will also give myself the chance to really research my topic and learn about everything that others have researched in the field. This also made it important to pick a topic that I was truly interested in researching for several week so that it wouldn’t become uninteresting after a while. I also think that since I chose a topic that I am interested in, I will be able to write a better research paper.

I hope that I learn alot from this assignment and become a better researcher and writer. This way, in the future, it will not be so intimidating at first to do such an extensive project. I’m also glad that we will be able to peer edit during the process since this is usually helpful. It is also interesting to learn about what others are researching