Response to "Are they Knowledgeable?"

Nov 3, 2008
by: JonathanH

Dear Abby,

I enjoyed reading your letter to the next president, Are They Knowledgeable?, because i thought your ideas and facts on pregnancy and abortion were interesting. Your opinions also interested me because i agreed with some of them and disagreed with others.

One sentence you wrote in your letter about STD awareness along with safe sex awareness was,  "This education should come from parents because sex is such a private matter that it should only be discussed between parent and child." This statement is interesting to me because as you said in your letter, most things that are learned about these matters come from schooling. Sometimes the children know even more then their parents, and it would be hard for them to go to their parents for anything, because trust can also be an issue sometimes. Kids don't always feel comfortable talking to adults about matters such as sex, because sometimes they don't always take it right, or will tell them something they won't like. Some parents can be very strict, and say that there shouldn't be any sex at that age at all, end of story. This isn't good, because teens are curious and will end up experimenting. I agree on what you said about sex education, that it should be offere for more then just one year in the schools, but I disagree that sex is a private matter, because in this day and age, sex is everywhere you go and it is basically a part of most peoples lives now. If sex is thought of as something private, then it could be hard for some people to learn about it.

I have lots of mixed thoughts and feelings about your writing, but maybe it's just because of some personal experiences on this topic.

Thanks for your writing, It was a good read and the facts were helpful in understanding the message of your letter.