Response to "An incident" by Lu Hsun

Oct 29, 2008
by: XLiu

I just read a short story, “An incident”, by Hsun Lu, and it reminded me of how wonderful I thought the world was when I was little, because the writing shows me the true will to help others without asking for reward.

One sentence Lu Hsun wrote that stands out for me are “what had I meant by that handful of coppers? Was it a reward? Who was I to judge the rickshaw man? I could not answer myself.” I think this is like a mirror that reflexes our true self, because human are born with the hobbies of judging others. Judging is the skill that we use to determine who we should trust or not. However, men often use this skill incorrectly on the wrong things. 

Another sentence that made me started to picture image in my head was “At the same time he seemed gradually to be exerting a pressure on me, which threatened to overpower the small self under my fur-lined gown.” This stood out for me because it reminds me of the time when I tried to sneak away from doing my home work, but got caught by my mom. By then I was just the “ small self under the fur-lined gown”, my mom just seem so powerful then, light seem to glow around her, since she have the choice of beating me up or not.


I do agree with Lu Hsuan that sometime incidents come back to us, along with what it teaches us. One reason I say this is incident are just common things that happen, if it keep coming back, then it must mean something. Another reason I agree with Lu Hsun is the teaching of incidents. There must be a reason that we remember the incidents, one of these reasons is to teach us something, whether you notice or not. 

What I appreciate about this writer’s work is the way the writing create image in my head. I look forward to seeing what he writes next, because his writing always leave a deep impression inside my head , while teaching something new.