Response to a post

Jan 12, 2009
by: YGarcia


Dear 12bligens,


 I really liked your post its one of the best that I have read so far. In your post there are many things that I agree with for example when you wrote that Anorexia nervosa is a condition where there is an severe eating disorder, in which one only eats just enough to survive, or stop eating completely. I can really agree with this because its true when girls put their minds into doing something they won't stop until it accomplished. Another quote that caught my attention was when you stated that  Point dancers must balance on a platform in the front of their shoes. They must be very light so that there is not a lot of weight on their toes as they dance. I personally would not be able to do this I am not so much of the balanced type but I agree with the fact that their trainers are insensitive people who don't care what happens to their students all they care about is that their show goes on perfectly and gracefully.  As you said that ballet breaks self esteem its true it really does many of the ballet girls decide that if they aren't a size 1 or 0 they must loose all the weight that they don't have and starve themselves until they pass out. Once again I really liked your post it was very interesting to read and it also informed me of risks that ballet dancers put themselves in when they decided to get into the career or just classes of ballet.