Response to "Super Size Me"

Oct 11, 2013
by: StefanieG

Innovation Diploma Plus High School
145 West 84th Street
New York, N.Y. 10024
October 10, 2013

Morgan Spurlock
Warrior Poets
Suite 7B
New York, NY 10013

Dear Mr.Spurlock:

Before I watched your film “Super-Size Me” I did not see anything wrong with fast food. Around eighth grade and for half of my high school years I’ve eaten fast food about once or twice a week, mainly McDonald’s. I would have either a McChicken sandwich, Chicken Nuggets, and fries sometimes, all three in the same day. I never looked deeply into what I was eating. I only cared about the taste; as long as it was good, I liked it. When I was a junior in high school, I started to hear a couple of negative things about McDonald’s but since I didn’t see it, it didn’t really matter to me. For example, I heard that the burgers were not 100% beef and the chicken had a lot of chemicals in it, but I still ate it.

After watching your film it made me see how much harm eating McDonalds could cause. Even if you did it for a month straight that can happen over time, like me eating it once or twice a week. This film actually makes me not want to eat McDonald’s anymore and I am going to try not to. It’s the only thing open all day and it is quick and cheap; how could someone not eat McDonald’s? After seeing the harm it could cause makes it a little easier to stop eating it. Knowing that America was the fattest nation in the world was actually shocking but yet it was not surprising. One thing that surprised me a lot was the fact that a can of lemonade has as much sugar as a can of coke. I used to get lemonade instead of soda thinking it is somewhat healthier.

I learned that McNuggets are made from chickens pumped with hormones so they can have larger breasts and when their heads are chopped off the rest of their body including their feet are transformed into a nugget. This is very disturbing. Another thing I learned from this movie was the only items that do not contain sugar are French fries, iced tea, diet Coke, Chicken nuggets, hash browns, sausage and coffee. That’s only seven items out of the whole menu.

There are a few questions I have for you:
Did you really enjoy eating McDonald’s for 30 days straight?
How did you feel after you completed your 30 day challenge?
Do you still eat McDonald’s now?
Have any corporations called because they were upset that you showed America what fast food can do to your body?
Do you think they took super sized meals out because of your film, even if they said it had nothing to do with it?


Stefanie Gonzales